Free Anti-Aging Secrets: #2 Live for Today

Skirt: Lane Bryant
Top: Ross
Cardigan: Jana Kos, Fall 2011 Collection

With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today’s secret comes seasoned with an abundance of spices…..nutmeg (tights, flats), sage (skirt), cinnamon (blouse) and saffron (cardigan)!! Hopefully, a lively palette will help you swallow the message!

Part of learning how to worry less is the ability to live one day at a time. The past and the future hold enough troubles of their own…so let us live for today and make it the best day it can be. Again, I have learned this lesson the hard way and allowed worry as a young mother to consume me at times. But, when I practice just focusing on today, I am more joyful and at peace. Joy and peace are wrinkle zappers!!

Brown Tights: Lane Bryant
Brown Flats: Old Navy

Now, I recognize that some days we wake up with heavy issues on our plates. We are currently going through a family trial as I write this….but for today I will look at that trial as a challenge and an opportunity to help others who struggle in this difficult economy. Being mad or upset will not change the situation. But, possibly by thinking proactively, solutions to our situation can happen.

Also, if I take life one day at a time, I am more likely to stay on my diet and to exercise without talking myself out of it. I can diet just for today and I can exercise just for today….but thinking long term is sometimes discouraging!!

Bracelet: Kohls
Earrings: Target

It is a choice every morning….choose for today to be your joyful best….tomorrow has enough troubles of its own.

Does anyone consciously focus on life one day at a time?


  1. I try to live by these words but I'm not always successful. It's not so much worrying about tomorrow that gets me — it's dwelling on the negatives of the day rather than the positive. Thanks for the timely reminder! And good luck getting through your family trial.

  2. Very nice post. I tend to worry about the little things, that really in the grand scheme of things, aren't that big. I like your motto about taking it one day at a time. I need to try that more often! Heather

  3. I admit I'm a worrier (with good reason!), but hopefully able to enjoy the good moments when they come – and often – it's something so simple!

    Love your outfit, by the way (great color) – and – I find that as long as I hit the pulse points with a little spray of my fave (French) parfum, that makes most days much easier to deal with… with whatever they happen to bring.

  4. When times are difficult, living for the day is so much easier to do if you want to maintain your sanity. Thinking too far ahead seems to add to the load of anxiety. The saffron sweater is a beautiful color for you! On a bad day bring out the color. It really lifts the mood.

  5. Hi Pam! looking fab! i have learned everything in my life the hard way to the point of being sick, very sick – Now i think one day at the time – Everyday for me is a new beginning and a continuation towards wisdom! oh la la!! LOL

    I try to be positive and i believe that in everything bad happening there is a positive side – Ariane xxxx

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