Free Anti-Aging Secrets: #1 Worry Less

I didn’t worry about this outfit!
Dana Buchman Jacket: Kohls
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Lee Jeans: Kohls

Have you walked through a beauty store such as ULTA lately and noticed how many products are promoted to be anti-aging? It is amazing how even the 20 & 30- somethings should be aware of anti-aging products now…according to the beauty industry. But, if we purchased everything we are told to buy to look and feel young….we would spend the majority of our income on products.

However, there are a few free secrets I try my best to follow in order to keep feeling younger as I march closer to the big 6 – 0. The first one is to make a concentrated effort every day NOT to worry…especially about senseless things. I tend to worry the most about my children’s safety and about our finances. Sometimes, I need to say out loud to myself STOP! I have discovered that worrying does nothing for me but bring on wrinkles (especially around my mouth and forehead); give me an excuse to overeat; and sometimes results in teeth grinding at night.

Love this Peacock Feather
Necklace I found at
Lane Bryant!

In a book I own, author Margaret Bottome writes, “But what does it mean to fret? One person once defined it as that which makes a person rough on the surface, causing him to rub and wear himself and others away. Isn’t it true that an irritable, irrational, and critical person not only wears himself out but is also very draining and tiring to others? When we worry and fret, we are a constant annoyance.”

I know I have been an annoyance to my family when I over worry about their safety and well- being. Women can often be the absolute worse at worrying.

I really have discovered that the more I do not worry and allow my thoughts to run rampant….the better I physically feel and look.

Does anyone else have a story to share about worrying too much?


  1. I used to be more of a worrier when I was younger. Then at some point I realized that worrying doesn't change anything, and is a wasted emotion. I still have some situational anxiety but I do my best to put plain old worry out of my head and try to take action instead.

  2. I second what Une Femme wrote – worrying has never changed the outcome of any situation. A little appropriate anxiety gets me to solve problems and prepare (eg: hurricane coming = put up shutters!). But chronic worry just zaps the joy from life. Great post!

  3. I think the economic meltdown is what finally did it for me. I worried myself to distraction, then finally got sick of it and just stopped. Now I rarely listen to the news or pay attention to the markets, instead I focus on what each day brings. I like it much better this way.

  4. not so much a worrier thank goodness!
    love that peacock necklace you are sporting and isn't it riduculous that 20 somethings worry about looking old… they just have no idea do they!

  5. I think you look fantastic and there's nothing to worry about. My mom just celebrated 60 this year, I think she looks fantastic. She takes great care of her skin and it wore of on me as well. Some girls in my office go to the beach w/out sunblock…yikes!

  6. This is so timely for me, Pam. I've been making a conscious decision to worry less too. My husband calls me his little worrier. He's been struggling through some injuries. He was hit by a car on his bicycle last year and then on our vacation this August, he was injured while boogie boarding. His body is just now healthy enough to start his daily bicycle commutes to work again. He rides 20 miles a day. Sooooooooo, I made a decision to act as if I'm not worried for him. That I trust his cycling ability and he's capable of being safe. He's got great skill on that thing. You know? I used to kiss him in the mornings and say, "Be safe and call me when you get there." Ugh. How awful for him. So, now I say, "Have fun. Enjoy your ride. I love you." Man, it's made a huge difference. I am worrying less just by doing that little step.

    Thanks for talking about this.


  7. I totally agree Pam, worrying is not good for ones health!! that said, I still have to make an effort at times to not stress and worry about stuff– Mainly WORK stuff!!!

    I remind myself not to take it personally- people have so much stuff going on you never know why they say and do what they do.. so not taking it personally is one of my favorites… xoxo J

  8. Oh, Pam, you are talking directly to me. I have had a tough year and done way too much worrying. I think I need to take the spoon out of the Nutella, get a mouth guard to stop the night grinding and get on my knees and put it all in the hands of the "big guy upstairs!" xo

  9. We are all living in changing times. I worry about the future of my three sons as well as my husband and myself.
    I was much happier when I wasn't politically informed……We both say I was happier when I was a political dolt!
    Maybe I need to shop more? Stop by the new link is up for Trending through the decades…….it's all about capes. Think I spotted one here recently!

  10. I'm not a huge worrier, but there are a few things that I find myself constantly getting anxious over. It's silly, out-of-my-control things, but it's hard to make you my mind to stop fretting.
    It's also interesting how I never once thought of anti-aging/wrinkle cream until age 30, but my sister, who is 10 years older, already has tubs and pots and potions and lotions at age 22!

  11. Great reminder! I tend not to worry overmuch. My husband is a worrier, though. He jokes, "I worry, therefore I am." I think worry also adds to stress which is detrimental to health and well being.

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