Remix It Up!  You have seen these
things before, just not together!
Cable Gauge Sweater: Ross
Jana Kos Skirt
Target Ballet Flats

This week has been dedicated to those life disciplines we can work on which will help us to look and feel younger.

Today’s is about adding a little spice to your life. If you had asked me three years ago if I saw myself as an aspiring fashion blogger, I might have rolled around the floor laughing. But, fashion blogging has given me an enjoyment and excitement that I would not have believed possible. Now, you need to understand that I went from being an advertising executive to wife to mother to educator in a private school to political writer to fashion blogger….is something here a non sequitur? Yet, it has been exhilarating to not only connect with fashion lovers around the world, but to also get out and cover these stories in my community. I would definitely, 100%, without a doubt say that this new addition to my profession has made me feel younger!

Scarf: Coldwater Creek
Dana Buchman Bracelet: Kohls

I also have found so much value in getting out of my box. As a mother, my schedule revolved around my children. There was no time to attend a fashion show, or see Tim Gunn, or attend a boutique opening. But, now?? Bring it on! I am taking more risks with my personal fashion choices (see today’s patterned tights). All of this results in FUN and the youthful feeling I had twenty to thirty years ago.  Stagnation leads to one thing only….that elderly state of mind.

Lane Bryant Tights
(out of my comfort zone and
so glad I wore them!)

These anti-aging secrets are ones I stand by and highly recommend. I, also think the results are better than what comes out of a jar of lotion! By the way, speaking of feeling younger, I am on the Wendy Brandes team found HERE.

We are the ladies who would love for black and denim to be our team uniform, and what a cool team to be on where Wendy Brandes is your quarterback! Wish we got jewelry with the uniform!! Check out her post and tell me what exciting plans you have for this autumn weekend!!

Saturday morning I will join the lovely Kristin as her guest on her Blog Talk radio show, called
Bring Pretty Back!
You can listen in at 10AM right here on your computer, link below!

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