I am going to pause my current”ENCOURAGEMENT SERIES” for just a moment to participate in IFB’s Autumn Uniform challenge. I started to look over my posts since autumn technically began and would sum up my wardrobe choices with one word: GRAY!

Now, I realize for some it can seem a bit dreary, but I love gray and obviously gravitate toward it. I love it with almost every color I can think of, including browns and greens. Elegant sophistication seems to me the best way to describe this neutral.

When walking through quotes about the color gray, most associate it with cold, dreary, winter, depressed days. But, I prefer to look at the color and think cozy, dignified, sophisticated, warmth.

What are your thoughts on gray?? After you tell me, then head over to IFB’S FALL UNIFORM PROJECT and check out some other bloggers and their cool autumn looks…..


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