Wool jacket: Goodwill
Simply Vera Long Sleeved
T Shirt: Kohls
Steve Madden Scarf: Stein Mart
Lee Slimming Jeans: Kohls
Liz Claiborne Boots: Marshalls

We all know that holiday shopping is just around the corner…some of you may have already started!! Now, let me ask. Are you the type of person who finds the crowds exhilarating and fun…or are you the one who prefers online shopping? One thing is for sure, there will be some great deals out there this year as retailers attempt to stimulate the economy and their bottom line!!

Here are some tips for those who relish the thought of going out and enjoying the whole experience:

1. Dress Comfortable and do casual with style! It is a fact…you receive better service when you take the time to dress well and put on some make up…you might even catch a cost break for it!! You can do simple things to a pair of jeans just to appear that you took the time to care. Also, wear comfortable walking shoes and be willing to walk…great way to get exercise. And, ladies, prepare to try on clothes for you! After all, there are some great prices out there and you might not want to pass them up!


2. Have a plan before you go out. Decide where you are going and gather as many of the coupons as you can from retailers who offer them. Make sure you sign up for email and text message coupons for the retailers you like the most if they offer them. Check the daily newspaper for surprise coupons or deals only available in the paper.
3. Arrive early…YES! the early bird gets the parking space!! It is worth it to get up early…grab some coffee…and be the first to arrive…less hassles all the way around.
4. Do not let crowds or disagreeable people rob you of your Holiday spirit! Be determined to enjoy the experience no matter what happens. You will be surprised how YOUR SMILE can change a disgruntled salesperson in a store and turn them into your best friend. Just know in the beginning that someone will try to make you mad… don’t allow them to do it…it’s their loss of holiday enjoyment…not yours.
5. Most malls and stores turn on too much heat, so try to leave your coat in the car then you do not have to battle carrying a coat with packages.

Ring and Steve Madden Scarf from Stein Mart.
These scarves are so soft and beautiful…would be
a great gift for someone….check off one box on
your list!!
6. You might want to take a large, oversized bag to stuff with packages. You can then be stylish and sling a bunch over your shoulder.
7. Allow yourself a break to re-energize! The Starbuck’s protein plate is $5 of power! Add a fun holiday coffee to this and you can go for hours without a big meal!!
8. Look for the retailers who will match their competitor prices and be willing to hold them to it!! It is worth the time to save any amount of money…you can treat yourself then!!
9. Before you go…get plenty of sleep, hydrate well, and exercise regularly
10. ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE….the most important thing to take with you for shopping!! Do not look at it as a battle, but rather an experience. Go for the deals…the music…the mall Santas…the sights and smells of the season…wrap it all up and top it with a bow!

How many of you prefer the experience of being there to online shopping??

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