Jennifer Lopez Sweater: Kohls
Purple Tunic Top: Ross
Belt: Goodwill
Leggings: Coldwater Creek
Target Shoes, new: Goodwill

I’m a woman who carries around all these layers of fear and vulnerability.

-Teri Hatcher

It is difficult to think of a woman like Desperate Housewives’ Terri Hatcher with issues of fear and vulnerability. I remember when she first played Lois Lane on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. She was the ever confident newspaper woman, fully in charge of everything, but her emotions for Superman. Yet, her quote reveals the layers we can all hide underneath.

Terri wrote a compelling post yesterday about issues she often faces in her career. I think she showed with humility and honesty how many of us hide underneath layers of insecurity.  She was concerned about those who fake their confidence.  But, I do believe that “faking it” is one way to begin to peel layers away. I teach my summer speech classes that they have about three seconds to impress an audience whether speaking to a large or small group. I tell them to portray confidence whether they feel it or not. Eventually, you can start to believe and walk in it. However, the issue is not really about “faking it,” but more about BELIEVING IT. If we believe that we all have value…that we are not mistakes…that we have unique talent no one else has…(and we can truly internalize that)…then we can walk with confidence on the outside. We so often do not realize that people we believe to be successful or confident actually struggle with the same insecurities we have.  They just do not show it or apologize for it!

Later in the day, the temps went
up into the 80s!! So good bye,

Today, I had planned to write about wearing layers in climates such as Texas. But, this really resulted in thinking about the other layers we clothe our spirits in every morning. Try wearing your confidence….Believe in who you are! You just might be surprised at the doors it will open.

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