Leggin’ Lovin’ and Small Business Shoppin’

I do love my leggings from Coldwater Creek. I bought them last summer on clearance for $19 and they are the best leggings that I have ever owned! In fact, this whole look is only $30!! The purple top was $7 at Ross a couple of years ago and the fun ballet flats were $3 at one of my favorite local consignment shops, Garment Exchange. I love this type of outfit for shopping, running errands, or going to doctor’s appointments.

I also love the idea of Small Business Saturday which is today! This idea was started two years ago by American Express to call attention to our local small businesses. I watched an interview on CNBC this past week with Edward Gilligan, Vice Chairman of American Express. Here are the highlights:

1. Small businesses are vital to the American economy.

2. Two thirds of all new jobs created in the last twenty years came from small businesses.

3. Small Business Saturday is meant to stimulate the local economy and bring new customers to their doorsteps.

4. Gilligan said, “If we can get people to shop small and help raise the confidence of small businesses, I do believe that over time we will help to create more jobs.”

I really like this idea, so I am going to introduce you to some of our fun small businesses around San Antonio….just every now and then over the next month!! On Visible Monday, join me to find out what is so special about a hardware store!! As I go hunting for these fun little merchants, I will probably wear these leggings…so comfortable!!

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Does anyone have shopping stories from Friday…looks like some cities got a little violent…pepper spray for shopping??…not a good call!!



  1. Hooray for small businesses! I like to do as much of my gift shopping as possible this way. I'm a fervent non-participator in Black Friday, but I love the idea of Small Business Saturday. Thanks for promoting it!

  2. I love the color of your top and your ballet flats. You look great. For the first year my teen daughters and I opted out of going to black Friday-we go not to buy things, but as a weird cultural experience. We buy hot chocolate and sit in the mall and giggle. We boycotted this year because we thought the Thanksgiving start hours were wrong. We love Thanksgiving and believe it is just getting rolled over between Halloween and Christmas.
    About small businesses, I love to look, but as someone who is on a very strict budget I find I can't afford to shop in these stores, so its off to Target I go. Any suggestions?

    Always Summer

  3. Hi Lesa,
    I agree with you about not touching Thanksgiving!! There are many small businesses in my town which run coupons and even Small Business Saturday specials. Look for those coupons and use them as a way to find the special gifts…even if those gifts are small!

  4. I love hardware stores, especially the older local ones. We really don't have any of those any more, but I used to love them. I could spend hours just looking at all the different things they had.
    I admit we went to Walmart and Sam's today really early. I try to buy at local businesses whenever I can. I shopped on Wednesday, so hopefully that will count, just a couple of days early.
    I like your leggings, I did not know CC had them.
    Also, you have inspired me to look for headbands! I bought one on Wednesday!

  5. I don't buy a lot from Coldwater Creek, but have absolutely loved everything I have gotten from them. As to Small Business Saturday, I think it is a brilliant idea. My husband and I celebrated it by making our purchases at the small, locally owned liquor store. And he got a haircut.

  6. I heard about that pepper spray incident… CRAZY! Especially because the meaning of christmas shopping got totally thrown out the window!! xo

  7. Love the outfit and those ballet flats, I typically don't like ballet flats. I don't do Black Friday but I am all for Small Business shopping, I do a lot of that in Sedona, AZ, we have a lot of great boutiques, I love them!!

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