The Nuts and Bolts of Visibility!!

The fellow that owns his own home is always just coming out of a hardware store.

-Kin Hubbard

How true! I did not even walk into a Home Depot or Lowe’s before I was married with the joys of home ownership. But, I still never really enjoyed the experience until I met Sunset Ridge Home and Hardware Store. They have it right…the way to capture men and women and have both desiring to spend time among the nuts and bolts!!

This cozy, intimate hardware store is a go to place for beautiful wedding or Christmas gifts and unique home décor. You might not be looking for the exact washer to solve a plumbing problem…but if you are, find it quickly and then visit the many stations of beautiful décor and kitchenware.

It is one of my favorite VISIBLE small businesses in San Antonio! What is your favorite small business in your town??

Now, for Visible Monday I have pulled out some winter clothes that I do not wear often, because it is COLD HERE! That is big news and made decorating the house for Christmas so much fun!! We are scheduled to have freezing temps at night all week….sorry, to be so overjoyed at something many of you endure often…but for here, this is news and makes us feel like it is that special time of year. I was pondering the other day about how most Christmas songs must have been written by people who live up north, because they set scenes we rarely see in South Texas! Thank you for letting me gush over weather that is so rare for my neck of the woods!

Jones of New York Jacket: Ross, (about 5 years ago)
Black Lee Slimming Jeans: Kohls
Black Turtleneck: Stein Mart
White Scarf:  WalMart ($3)

Liz Claiborne Booties:  Marshalls

Now, go visit the beautiful ladies of Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday!!

Wow, thanks to one of you (a faithful reader) I just found this letter on the Sheyna website:

November 27, 2011
Thank you for visiting us. I am very sorry to let you know that we have decided to close Sheyna. While the team and I have met many wonderful people along the way, and had a terrific time building Sheyna, we have to face the fact that our business is not working out the way we had hoped. We considered keeping it going for a few more months to see if things got better, but that would be postponing the inevitable. And during the holidays, we didn’t want to promise orders and have to later refund them and disappoint gift-givers and gift-getters who were counting on us. (Any orders or gift cards you have placed that have not already been fulfilled will be fully refunded within the next day or so.)
Your designs, your comments, your positive feedback, and your business have meant the world to us. Thank you for that.
If you have any questions about an order please email me at md at sheyna dot com.

Michael Dearing
Acting CEO and First Investor

Sheyna promised me a promotion and then did not notify me of their decision to close after I started the promotion.  So sorry everyone…I have removed the contest from the blog!!


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Am I VISIBLE in this picture???


  1. You are absolutely *glowing* Pam — I think you are really enjoying the cold weather! The white scarf is a stunning touch. And your hardware store sounds so great, I'd love to visit.

    Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, my winter-loving friend : >

  2. What a wonderful store. Not Home Despot, for sure!

    You look amazing in that teal color! Enjoy your cold weather…we're having a heatwave in So Cal!

  3. You look AMAZING in this! AMAZING! do you remember when I told you about our football team? Well, my kids' school is now in the running for the state title! The kids won the semifinal this past week … and next week is the championship! woo hoo — go Yellowjackets!

  4. That's pretty incredible for a hardware store! I think my favorite local place is Changing Hands, an independent bookstore that carries an almost infinite selection of books and a few gift-type items, but more importantly, hosts author readings almost every single night.

  5. What a fantastic color on you! It just lights up your face.

    I like cooler weather too and get very excited about cold weather. When I see high 60s and low 70s in the forecast, like this week, it makes me long for my big winter coats and scarves.

    I entered your pearl earring give away a few days ago. I can't believe more people haven't entered either. they are gorgeous!

  6. You look fabulous all bundled up for the cold! And that store looks great too, like someplace I'd like to go when I get back to town. In recent years I only blow in and out so quickly I've not had time to explore. Once I get settled in the new place and can travel again…..

  7. Hi Pam! i know so cool to paired up for the Christmas swap! i like the big pics, we can see you clearly, you should do that more often, you are very photogenic!

    Now lets e-mail each other about the swap

    Ariane xxxxx

  8. Love this outfit. The color is amazing on you.
    That is a really nice hardware store! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    Hmm, I guess my favorite local store is Pet Haven, a grooming and pet supply owned by some friends of ours. We became friends with them after taking some obedience classes from them. They are wonderful people who care about animals.

  9. I'm so glad you figured out how to enlarge your personal photos. It's great to see you more clearly. You are really beautiful. That color looks amazing on you.

    I will be in San Antonio soon. My sister just had her third baby girl and she will need me to help her for a week or so. I don't know if I will be able to go anywhere but you are welcome to come over and say hello. I would really like to meet you. I'll let you know more when I have exact dates. We can have our very own scarf tutorial. ha


  10. That is on FABULOUS hardware store, the little one in our town is not quite that nice….not nearly that nice.
    That color jacket looks great on you! Love the huge ornaments too….guess they do do everything bigger in Texas. *smile*

  11. My God woman! I could care less about the hardware store (not really, it looks charming) But you look so fantastic in that blue jacket. I would wear it everyday! I love my bloggy friends!

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