Life Age vs. Actual Age

Jacket: Dress Barn Summer Clearance Rack
Orange JNY Sweater: Ross
Skirt and Tights:  Lane Bryant
Boots:  Ross

What is your life age? You know that gap between your actual age and how old you feel. When I turned 50 and had my “wake up” call, I think the age I felt at the time was closer to 60 and 70 and that was how I was dressing at the time! 

 I am in process of reading a book titled Inspired Design, a collection of essays by Image Consultants and Stylists from around the country. In her chapter, Looking Great at Any Age, Alison Vaughn writes, “Your image depends on how your LIFE AGE works with your personal style. The more the two are in harmony, the more together your image. Your LIFE AGE isn’t just about your chronological age; it includes how you look, act, think, feel and much more. This is the age you want to represent through your personal style. A woman wears her life age like a garment. It says more about her than she could ever say with words.” Now, my life age is really in the 40s…hence the name over50feeling40! I would say that now I have a 10-15 year gap between my age and life age!

Scarf:  Marshalls
Bracelet:  Langford Market

Alison is the founder and CEO of Jackets for Jobs, a nonprofit organization that provides employment etiquette, career skills training and professional clothes to persons seeking employment. Since opening the doors in 2000, the organization has assisted over 10,000 individuals. She has received accolades from Donald Trump, ABC’s The View, NBC’s Today Show, and Oprah’s O Magazine.

What about the rest of you, what do you think your life age is? Does anyone have a larger gap than I do??

Gigi walked in today with the most fabulous Tahari Pants she found at Marshalls….here is a full body look, then a close up of the pattern!


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  1. LOVE the title of the book… Inspired Design! Wish I had written it! Sounds interesting. Your students must love you… you chic little thing. I am loving your jacket… very cool. xo

  2. I just found my new fav outfit from you Pam….LOVE everything about this!!! The jacket is such a great color on you, the boots, the scarf, bracelet….perfection!!

    Im not really sure WHAT my dressing age is…Ill be 43 on Friday, lets just say its NOT that, lol.

    Have a great day!

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog

  3. great post Pam and that color jacket is so great on you!!!
    i hate it when people dress too old for their age especially someone in their 30's.
    i guess dressing too young is pretty bad too.
    it is a hard balance for me and the dressing too young. i sure as hell don't feel 48, but don't want to look like i am trying too hard to look 38 or younger
    it is tricky!!

  4. Oh wow, I LOVE that yellow jacket on you!! Very vibrant and suits your color and sunny personality. Gigi's pants are a super find.

    For much of my life I wanted to look "sophisticated" and often dressed older than my years. I think I dress with more verve now than in the past. I'm not afraid to try a look or piece of clothing that I might see on someone younger; now it's more about the colors and styles that work for my body and life. I don't think I could pin a "life age" on myself any more specific than, "old enough to know better and young enough not to care!"

  5. You look great in that very cool natural leather jacket. I love all the mix of colors. That scarf really pulls them all together.

    Gigi looks great too!

    I think I have the same gap as you do. My life age can also sometimes be a surly teenager. Just depends on my mood. ha.


  6. You look fantastic, Pam – with that fab jacket and scarf, and your wonderful smile, a 10-15 year "age gap" is easy to see. Gigi too- she looks wonderful. I am trying to find that book at Amazon, but no luck yet — any tips? Thanks.

  7. Hmmm interesting concept. I am stumped.
    So glad you dumped the old lady mentality. I mean people can be 80 at 20—i know some!
    This outfit is so you, Pam! Love this color pallette for you too.

  8. I am chronologically age 71 and shop at Forever 21 so how about 50 years difference? I hope I do not dress too young for my age but I do not know who would tell me that if it is what they thought. I choose my outfits carefully, receive many compliments at work and am starting my own fashion blog.

  9. Physically I feel much older (my hips for example are at least 82 yrs old) and mentally I jump back and forth between 16 and 50. I think the only realm in which I "am" my actual age of 52 is emotionally.
    The question of looking my age is a completely different matter. I have rarely gotten it exactly right. But, if I'm going to have a life-long project, it might as well be something enjoyable like personal style.

  10. You and Gigi are both gorgeous. I love the color of your jacket and everything else you are wearing.
    It is funny that you posted this today about age since I am 60 today. I think I mentally feel much younger, but my body is fighting my attempt to return to the shape I had when I was younger!

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