Dana Buchman sweater jacket: Kohls
Long Sleeve T: Stein Mart
Black Lee Jeans: Kohls
Boots:  Ross
Headband: Target

I had a couple of really frustrating days this week…as a teacher, it comes with the territory. My job is simply to take over 100 hormonal individuals and motivate them to work hard and do a really mature thing every day such as publishing three big publications… naturally there are times we butt heads.

I often post, and then check the blog email before leaving home in the morning, so I knew immediately early this week that my patience would be tested when the first email of the day was an advertising request for lingerie and adult toys! From that point to the high school hallways requires a sense of humor…

Katie Todd Jacket: Tuesday Morning

I have to tell you that I appreciate so much, blogs like Linda’s and Peggy’s which have recently discussed finding something to be thankful for every day of November in honor of Thanksgiving. I love this idea, because it immediately takes me from daily frustrations to thoughtful smiles.

Gigi’s shoes are from Marshalls

Therefore, I am thankful today for seasonal, cooler weather in Texas and for this weekend’s time change…we gain an hour! I get weary of so many sunny days over and over again, and the time change gives me a small break of just a few months where the days are shorter. The time change to me means cooler days, candles, hot tea, fireplaces, houses with windows ablaze, and quieter evenings at home. I love it!

Candle Time!

What are you thankful for today?

I thank all of you thissssss much for reading this blog!!

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