Ralph Lauren’s Cinematic World

When I create a collection, I approach it with a cinematic point of view-I am not designing clothes, I’m creating a world.  -Ralph Lauren

I love this quote from seventy two year old Ralph Lauren, because it appeals to my sense of imagination. I confess Ralph Lauren is one of those lines I would own a lot of, if I had the income. But, for now, his clothing is mostly my inspiration…though I do own a few pieces…thank you thrift shops!

The above look caught my eye on Fashion’s Night Out in the Ralph Lauren boutique within Neiman Marcus. Below is my attempt to mimic the look. I found this skirt at the new consignment shop,Serendipity Clothing SA, and added the pieces around it. I think the movie I envision this style starring in would be about a powerful female publisher going to lunch at an amazing restaurant with a budding young novelist….who has potential, but needs mentoring!  She needs limited visibilty in public because she is also a government spy and the author is under suspicion. How’s that Mr. Lauren!!

Leather Jacket: Dress Barn
Black Turtleneck: Stein Mart
Skirt: http://serendipityclothingsa.com/
Belt: Stein Mart
Boots: Ross

Gigi’s skirt is an original, vintage Ralph Lauren and I love the fabric! Let me see, her story is a museum curator previewing a new collection for her consideration…she would be the Anna Wintour of art and her opinion is THE opinion!

Vintage Ralph Lauren skirt

This is fun! What movie does your style appear in today!!??


  1. I think casual RL lends itself to closet-shopping because so many of the pieces are traditional.

    I think it's a look you want to use his western looks as accents. Head-to-toe RL can leave you looking like an Indian Princess from an old western.

  2. Pam, I absolutely love this look and you look fabulous in your styling. Gigi is so lovely.
    I think that as I have been blogging I'm discovering that my style is much more classic than I would've thought. I always thought I was a bit more eccentric, but it turns out I really am more classic. I would love to have a skirt like yours as it could be styled in so many ways.
    I've always loved RL. Did you see the Oprah episode where she went to his home? Oh my, it was beautiful.

  3. ralph would be proud
    his style is just so fab! for home or person i would take it all
    i will have to start thinking in terms of movies for how i dress now.

  4. Super stylish! i just found your blog within style Sud-east and i love the header! Good for you that can find Lauren in thrifts. Here in Florida all the goods like VAlentino, Pucci, gucci disapered a long time ago!
    following you!


  5. That is so funny you ask "What movie does your outfit star in today?"

    My mom and I always joke that the loose collared gray sweater I am wearing is my Christian sweater. I swear it made an appearance in every low-budget Christian film from 2003-2006. But I somehow love it so much still!

    nice post, Pamela! love you!

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