2012 Resolution #2: Take More Risks

I took this picture of Tim Gunn at his October 2011 appearance in San Antonio

“Risk taking in fashion is fun, but risk taking in our careers and in our education is essential. Ambitious people are more attractive and more fun to be with than people who maintain the status quo.”
Tim Gunn, Gunn’s Golden Rules, Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work

All bloggers are risk takers. They have made the decision to be vulnerable and put their words and pictures out there for all to see and, on top of that, actually ask readers for opinions!  But, this year, I want to push this envelope a little more. I already began a few steps of courage this past year (still not ready to reveal all that I am up to) and I plan to take my ideas to a new level this year. The risk? Is that there are people all over America laughing at me….but I believe in those ideas, so it is worth the risk. At 58….who cares who is laughing?

I am not hiding the fact that I desire to supplement my income doing something I love…writing and communicating to women of a certain age. But, it takes perseverance and courage. I was personally encouraged by the fact that Tim Gunn began with Project Runway as an unpaid consultant for two seasons! “People are often shocked to hear that I was unpaid for so long, but I did it for the love of it, and (please don’t read this, anyone associated with the show) I would do it again for free in a heartbeat. And it all worked out……Yes, those early days of Project Runway were hard work, but also deeply fulfilling,” Tim writes in his new book. For those of you who hope to make income with your blog and currently do not, draw from Tim’s well of wisdom and hang in there.

Simply Vera T Shirt – Kohls
Brown Cardigan – Chicos
Denim Skirt – Lane Bryant
Boots – Ross

I think at the top of my “out-of-my-comfort-zone-list” is to finally join the crowd on YouTube. I have a good camera for this now, so hopefully, I can begin soon. I will continue to pursue freelance writing. It is extremely competitive, but I hope that editors will see I offer fresh ideas for baby boomers. There are many other ideas I have and will continue to throw out for consideration….it just takes a little courage to be risky and vulnerable. If people are laughing at me, well, then….I am bringing them a little joy in their day!!

Scarf – Garment Exchange
Apt. 9 Bracelet – Kohls

 Also, as over-50 guru Tim Gunn said, risk taking in fashion is fun. I hope to continue taking a few risks with fashion this year as well. One of my Foundational Five guidelines is I want Pam-style to communicate creativity, so that gives me the freedom to take some risks….as long as I remember the other four foundations and seek balance in the message.

Wearing these booties with a skirt was one of
my risks in 2011…maybe easy for some of you…but it was
new for me and I really liked it!!  Risks can be fun!

What is just one risk you would like to take in 2012??


  1. Wonderful post, Pam – I love the part about if people laugh at me, well at least I gave them a smile today!! You have terrific courage and spirit, as well as fashion sense, and whatever you take on in 2012 will be a fine adventure.

    I adore Tim Gunn, and you too of course : >

  2. I love Tim Gunn. Yes, I am surprised that he was unpaid for 2 years… definitely paid off for him. Go for it Pam! You are right… starting a blog is risking because we are all "putting ourselves out there for scrutiny." I love your attitude and it will take you places!! I am also pondering how to supplement my income and trying to figure out what direction I truly want to go in 2012. Whatever I decide there will be risk taking involved!! xo

  3. Hi Pam!
    Happy New Year!
    Me and my Ipad can post comments on your blog!
    I wish you all the luck with your new projects, i enjoy reading you and so do a lot of people
    Nobody will laugh at you!
    Your so brilliant!


  4. Great post, Pam! I think risk-taking is essential to moving forward in life. Good for you for putting yourself out there and I wish you much success with your writing!

  5. I can relate to this post so much. There are risks I'd like to take on my blog, too, but worry about being vulnerable to judgment.

    I am not seeking anything monetary, but I do wish to grow my readership and have set goals for myself in regards to that desire.

    Pam, I hate to think that anyone would laugh at you and doubt that any one ever does. But I do admire your attitude about it. You are so smart and savvy and beautiful, inside and out. I am thankful to have happened upon you and your blog this year and am excited to see what you've got up your sleeve for 2012.

    Hugs to you! Adrienne

  6. Good for you, Pam — I have so much trouble with the concept of risk-taking! I think I DO take risks, but I can't think about it, or label my actions as risks, because if I do I'll scare myself out of it. I never think of the blogging as a risk, for some strange reason, even though you are absolutely correct that it is. Thanks for the food for thought.

  7. huh. That is interesting about Tim Gunn not getting paid for his hosting duties at first. It reminds me of Butler's basketball coach who left a really high paying job to work as a volunteer with the university's basketball team because he knew he wanted to coach. Several years later and he's the head coach of a highly respected, final 4 NCAA team. Super cool and inspirational.

  8. I agree with risk-taking, so much so that I have some personal guidelines for it. –Make sure they are calculated risks, i.e. don't throw away your image/money/safety on something that doesn't have some hope of a good outcome. –Maintain one area of your life risk-free as you venture into risks in another area of your life. –And most importantly, be open to failure. Failure is always a learning experience, and sometimes it is even a different kind of success than you expected.
    Good luck to you and remember you've got all of us here cheering you on!

  9. Ooo – the first outfit is so cute!

    I would have to sit down and think of my risk for 2012…but the first thing to pop into my head is getting my license since I am 33 years old and on my 3rd learner's permit. I don't know what is holding me back, but the entire process makes me nervous.

    Following you from Favorite Things Thursday!

  10. Pam- This post really spoke to me. I will be taking lots of risks this year with the book and a few other things… Thank you for writing this. I believe with ALL of my heart you are on the verge of GREAT things,
    have a pretty new year my friend

  11. Inspiring post my well dressed friend. I think he is a great example of perseverance and risk taking.Thank you for linking up at Thursday Favorite things at Katherines Corner xo

  12. This is a post that makes you think and truly motivating. I have some things I am thinking about doing next year and some ideas involve risk taking but that makes it challenging.

    You look great and continued success to you.

    Happy New Year!

  13. I have started a fashion blog with no photography classes, never have used a camera, and have never had a computer class. I am 71. I dont think of this as a risk I think of it as fun and a challenge. I have to work full time to support myself as well so it is going to take patience. I am learning as I go and asking questions and have no idea where it will lead. Reading your blog is inspiring.

  14. I began blogging as a new empty-nester and have truly found my voice, along with dozens of new friends and connections via Facebook, Twitter, and more. Being able to express yourself honestly is a huge risk, in my opinion! Love your blog and your friendly, open attitude.

  15. Yes! Life's boring if we don't take risks, right?

    (In fact, I don't have any resolutions for this year, but I do have "un-resolutions" and one of them is experimentation, otherwise known as risk-taking: http://bitly.com/unresolutions-2012)

    I love that last outfit; that jacket is adorable, especially with the orange lining.

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