Walking my way to good health in 2012 with new shoes from Tenevis by Good Feet!!


“Another key goal in any plan is the commitment to keep on trying in the face of received failure. A certain attitude of determination is required, you need to be able to envision you in the future and picture yourself looking the way you want to be….do not give up because the weight reduction is not what you expect or anticipate. Every time you backslide, pick yourself up and continue on.

– W. Bennett for pamperyourselfdaily.com

I confess. In the stress of the last two months, I set my healthy eating habits and walking to the side. But, looking in the mirror of recent blog posts was like receiving a glass of cold water in the face….I can see every line of sugar in my face and the blogger’s butt on my hips!

So here is the 2012 plan for taking care of me:

1. Focus on health gain, not weight loss!

A phrase I discovered from Image Consultant, Oreet Mizrahi. She also wrote, “ Your ideal body weight is the weight that allows you to feel fit, and energetic.” In the middle of 2011, I lost 30 pounds and was walking daily….felt great. After two months of holiday delights and inactivity from constantly working, I’ve lost that “feel great feeling.”

Specifically, on December 26, I began a new plan to eat flourless and sugarless for several reasons. A close friend, Jan, turned her arthritic pain level around when she said good bye to gluten. As if a gift from above, fellow blogger, Adrienne of The Rich Life on a Budget began a new blog Sugarless, Flourless,and Fabulous.

It is great encouragement for me….I will report back about how “this lover of all things sweet and bread” is doing!!

For me, I want a lifestyle of healthy eating…one that is part of me, no falling off for long periods of time…and one that is not the latest Weight Watchers….Slim Fast…Jenny Craig…Special K craze. 

2. Just 20 minutes a day!

That’s all I am asking of myself for right now…just twenty minutes a day of walking and hopefully this will lead to more. When I stopped I was at an hour walk in a very hilly neighborhood. I have new shoes….  from Tenevis by Good Feet which I will blog specifically about soon…but they are the same as having a trainer pushing me forward. These shoes demand more of my legs and hips…they are pretty incredible. Again, I will report back to you!

A shellac, french manicure

3. A gift for Pam once a month

This is something I started as an Empty Nester and it has become important for my state of mind as someone who works long hours. I must treat myself with a little gift once a month. Pampering Pam! It really helps with my attitude and is the fuel that keeps me giving to students and those around me. When I feel good, I am better about helping others to feel good. My little reward can be any of the following:

I love a peaceful salon!

1. A manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage (The expensive part of the list)

2. One or two small items at a thrift store

3. One or two small items after selling something in a consignment shop

4. Listening to music I enjoy

5. An afternoon with one of my favorite movies or musicals

6. A new eye shadow…purchased with a coupon, of course

7. An exfoliator in the shower

8. Early morning quiet with candles and peace

9. Grabbing my friend Gigi and saying, “Let’s go have an adventure!”

10. New shoes purchased at Ross

A group of my wonderful students gave me a gift certificate for Christmas for a manicure, so, yesterday, was the day and I decided to test the new SHELLAC nail polish. It is more expensive, but claims to stay on longer and through anything. I will put this to the test and let you know how things go. My nails look gorgeous…we will see how long that lasts! Somehow, just walking into a salon’s door relaxes me, but in our current economic situation, it will take a gift certificate to get me in there!

Another fun way to pamper yourself, is to enter the giveaway promotions hosted by fellow bloggers! Yesterday I won a lipstick from  Une Femme!   Thank you soooo much!! Check out her special holiday giveaways…they continue on!!!

So cool!

How do you plan to take care of yourself in 2012??

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