This is where thousands will be tonight in San Antonio to ring in the New
Year!!  Fireworks go off at midnight from the top of the tower.

This is it!  On New Year’s Eve, I offer my final resolution, which is more of a pledge to the readers of over50feeling40….to keep the content of this blog fresh, relevant, and (I hope) interesting!!  My desire is for all of you to be inspired and educated, and motivated to enjoy your life each and every day!  I am so grateful to all of you who take the time to read; comment; and send emails!  Daily gratitude will keep us all young and you keep me feeling that way!  All of you are treasures and I hope 2012 will be an incredible year for all.  You are women of strength and dignity and deserve to live as such!!

These words are just the TIP of what you mean to me!!!

So, for New Year’s Day, I am going to answer a request which came from a couple of fellow Fashion and Style Bloggers.  Since, I wrote the post Could Style Bloggers Change the Economy?
and encouraged others to support local businesses and designers, there have been requests to teach fellow bloggers how to conduct interviews.  I have been teaching high school journalism for over 11 years (after falling in love with it in my own eighth grade year and eventually majoring in it at college), so this is what I love.  Tomorrow,  I will bring you lesson number one of Journalism 101 for Bloggers!!

If you want to be visible in Texas, you need a great hat!!

I will join Patti on Monday for her Visible Monday event, and Tuesday join Jill and Adrienne for their statement necklace event!  It is back to school for me on Monday….so here we go again!

Mustang Grey’s, 303 South Alamo, La Villita

Til then, today’s photos are from a great western boutique, Mustang Grey’s in La Villita in downtown San Antonio!  Happy New Year, y’all!!

I still regret not purchasing the green leaf scarf!!!

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