Crazy Collection Ladies! (with tunics and boots on the side)

Yes!  My blogger friends warm my heart in so many ways!

Happy December 5 everyone!! First of all, I would like to thank all of you who joined in the discussion this weekend about what is going on with our small businesses. I really appreciate each opinion given. I have a passion about this right now, so I will keep you informed as to what I do with it. I want to find ways to make some of these businesses more VISIBLE!

Secondly, did anyone see the “turtle lady” last week on What Not To Wear?   It was about a woman who has loved turtles ever since she was young and currently has thousands of them!!! (Click the WNTW link above if you would like to see her) She never wore an outfit without turtles on her clothes and jewelry. This past weekend I met a beautiful, young kindergarten teacher who has the same passion for frogs. She loves to get “anything frog” from her students for Christmas…including clothing and jewelry!

Though I wanted to LOL after hearing of this,I couldn’t, because I must confess, I have a snowman collection! (And I really love it!) It began 25 years ago when I found one little country snowman at a Christmas boutique in Frederiksburg, TX. We were celebrating one of our first anniversaries in this quaint Texas hill country village where the Bed & Breakfasts and the shopping are just captivating! The town has a German heritage, so the corned beef and sauerkraut is delicious!

It all started with this guy!!

However, I digress….after 25 years, I have so many snowmen, there’s just no way to count! I find a cute new one every year to add to the collection and, of course, friends and family always surprise me with a unique find. But, they are only VISIBLE for about six weeks and I draw the line at jewelry and clothing…I own no snowman shirt or sweatshirt!!  Dressing in head to toe SNOWMAN just might bring visiblity I do not want.

Tunic Top and Jeggings: Lane Bryant
Boots: Ross
Square Necklace: Stein Mart
Bronze Beads: Boutique in Blanco, TX
Bronze Bracelet: Kohls

I do believe that collecting anything is fun, but, maybe, some of us need boundaries! Do any of you have collections or obsessions you wish to confess!!


Now, go visit the incredible women…not snowmen…of Not Dead Yet Style’s VISIBLE MONDAY!

I just showed you a small part of them….maybe I will do some more later!


  1. What a fabulous collection! Who doesn't love snowmen, they are so cheery. But I *am* happy that you aren't wearing the infamous Christmas sweater : > Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday, my snowy friend : >

  2. Although I don't collect myself, I love seeing the things that people collect. My French mother collects Frogs. (Very tongue in cheek!) Having a collection that is displayed seasonally is a perfect compromise. I'll bet it's fun to see them all again every Winter!
    Your hair looks wonderful in these pictures – very glossy and thick.

  3. Pam, I love your Snowman Collection. My sister-in-law has one!

    Your boots are just what I am looking for (flat heels since I am still in post hip replacement surgery) and with the jewelry wow!

    Please Come and enter in Our Twelve Days of Holiday Giveaways. There are so many exciting & special Gifts! Tis the Season!


    Art by Karena

  4. Oh Pam, I have a huge Betty Boop collection, Santas, Snowmen. The problem with collections as they must be dusted and they take up so much room! I need to thin everything out.

  5. I love your snowmen collection , ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so wonderful. My husband is the collectorr at home: from cars, planes, books, ahhhhhhhhhhh.
    Me, if I cannot wear it I wont keep it, LOL.
    So nice to see your house, and you gave me a lovely idea with the white cotton to decorate.
    My always gorgeous Pam.

  6. What a great snowman collection. I love snowmen too.

    I collect Eiffel Tower figurines. With the exception of a very pretty Eiffel Tower necklace and two ET shopping bags I take to market with me, I don't wear ET's on my clothing.

    Happy Monday! xo

  7. this is one of my favorite outfits! so simple and chic. a great black blouse with gold statement jewelry…gorgeous! xx

  8. I saw that episode and I was really excited about the outcome. I just die for that show. Looks like you and I will have to watch that show together and tie scarves while we're watching.

    You look so hip in that outfit.


  9. It would probably be better to ask what I don't collect. I don't collect snowmen, chickens, ducks or geese. Everything else pretty much.
    Love your outfit. I am really getting into the idea of jeans tucked into boots. You look great in yours.

  10. Pam, hmmm….I collect Old Hollywood books….does that count? I think you look absolutely gorgeous in the black and I love how you styled it with bold jewelry! FABULOUS!!! ~Serene

  11. I'm glad to hear that you dont do snow men in clothing…as I'm sure Clinton and Stacy wouldnt have the turrtles inn the wardrobe!
    I try NOT to collect now and simplify my life. I have collected in the past….One thing to collect is good. Yours is a cute collection!

  12. i did see the promo for the turtle lady but missed the episode
    i collect santas, but i DO NOT wear them in any shape form or fashion on my clothing! lol

  13. I have a snowman collection too. I also have a pair of snowman earrings that I wear during the holiday season.

  14. Your hair looks beautiful against the brick, amidst your snowman collection. I collect hats and have for many years. If it makes us feel good, why not continue?

  15. Your decorations an your home is beautiful. I have a huge Christmas tree ornament tree collection. We are up to 3 trees. I have pics of the girls with Santa from 0 to 16. I have Waterford, Christopher Radko, Lenox, Chapel in Washington DC, Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West, Millenium champagne,macaroni constructions, skeleton reindeers,and it all seems to work, I am showing some of them off until Christmas, please stop by and see.

  16. This post cracked me up. I collect bears (note my header … what is it that they call those things?). For a long time people thought I collected teddy bears, so I got country everything. NOPE. That is not me. it is BEARS. The real thing. Because I am real. 🙂 Love your look in this too.

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