Come on out and let’s discuss how well your clothing fits!

Happy New Week everyone! Only 14 days until Christmas!

I have decided a perfect topic for VISIBLE MONDAY is the ever present problem of fit! I am a lot more comfortable with visibility if I know that my clothing fits and flatters my body…no matter what size I am. For me, my middle age journey has been one of too much weight….losing weight…plateaus….muffin tops…and now hoping to lose more weight (after the holidays, of course!!). So, I often battle HOW DO I GET A GREAT FIT IN MY CLOTHING? We all know sizes mean different things to different designers and clothing retailers. Do not go grab any size 16 and not try it on, thinking it will fit because that is YOUR SIZE….it doesn’t work that way!

Michael Kors Sweater: Stein Mart
Jana Kos: Skirt

Unless, of course, the company is, the answer to all of our frustrations. They make the clothes to fit YOU, no one else, but YOU….Let me be clear, this is just like having your own personal tailor living in your home. Now, when you receive a compliment on your clothing, you can raise your glass, stick your nose in the air, and say, “Oh thank you dear…this was made just for me by the seamstress I have in my employment.” When Stacy and Clinton, tell us on What Not To Wear to take the clothing we buy to a tailor and make it fit…now we have the tailor at our every disposal. Not only that…their clothing is fabulous! Today, I am wearing a blouse made just for me…I love the bow tie, the silk material, and the fun little dice-pattern! What a great way to take a conservative suit and place a fun, personal spin on it.

The lines in this blouse are so slimming!

Bracelets and Clutch: Kohls

My husband assisted me in taking all of the measurements required…and they are thorough! I really do not understand why we wouldn’t do this…it eliminates so many problems. So, for those of you who would like to give this a try, they are offering a special discount to the readers of over50feeling40!! Just go to, and use code OVER0811 at check out for $20 off your purchase until the end of December.

Note: The discount code is not case sensitive. Only one gift certificate can be used per order. The code can be used any number of times until the validity period. This discount code is not applicable on our Overstock category. This cannot be clubbed with any other offer / discount that may be active during this period.

While you are on their website, look at this fabulous herringbone dress, I just discovered there!

Tomorrow, come by to see the Everybody, Everywear Sequins/Sparkles Challenge event and to find two more special offers just for my readers…one is an amazing new line of jewelry and the other……hair accessories!!  You may be shocked at what I’ve done!!


Here’s an idea for a Christmas evening: My husband and I took in the annual Christmas production at our church. It was the first year without one of our children by our side, but, though sentimental, it was wonderful and a great way to get into the spirit of the season. Then we stopped by our favorite, French café, La Madeleine, to sit by the fire and partake of some delicious fare. I am in love with the seasonal weather San Antonio is experiencing…it has been a long time in South Texas before the cold, drizzles settled in before Christmas. Such fun!!

Chicken Salad Croissant and Tomato Basil Soup

Lemon Tart with Orange Spice Tea

Now, go check out the wonderful women of Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday
I am featured as one of the Women They Love at the Karina Chronicles!!
Thanks so much to Karina Dresses for this honor!  Talk about
clothing that fits well…from what I have seen on fellow bloggers (including Patti of Visible Monday) these dresses are made for a
flattering fit!


  1. So true all around. I always tell my clients to ignore sizes and just try the clothes on. Investing in a tailor is a must.

    I love your outfit. You look great in that color.

    I will be in San Antonio 1/9-1/15 but I will be taking care of an infant, 5 year old and 3 year old as well as getting my sister ready to go back to work. So, I'm not sure I'll be able to do any socializing on this trip. But maybe we can work something out. I would love to meet you.


  2. I understand the frustration of fit! My upper body isn't proportionate with my lower body so dresses can be hard to fit. PS – i love your gold and black bracelets!

  3. Pam I really love your chic french style.This Kors sweater makes me jealous.I 'm sure there is a million ways you can wear it and always look great.The blouse looks great,too.

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