A Christmas Movie Afternoon

Christmas movies…I love them! The sappy-ier…the hoky-ier… the corny-ier…the better! My daughter and I used to curl up and watch everything that Family Channel, Lifetime, and Hallmark had to offer. To have great Christmas movies…all you have to do is follow one plot line…a big city professional (man or woman) goes through a big disillusionment and returns home in small town America somewhere only to discover family, love, and purpose once again! And that leaves only a few which are just set around the stories where true giving is found by someone who lost it. Christmas movies ALWAYS have a happy ending.

More of my snowmen!!!

So, that’s what I am doing this cold, rainy Saturday…curled up on a couch watching Christmas movies and missing my daughter.

What are you up to this Saturday afternoon??

I have so much to share with you next week…three special offers just for readers of this blog…two big blogger events…and the story of an amazing over 50 woman (mother of 5, grandmother, and business owner) you won’t want to miss any of this! 


  1. So today you stayed in? I tried to get my xmas shopping done… Well I have still a few more gifts to buy but my feet were killing me and it was freezing in Chicago today. Hope you two had fun watching movies all afternoon…my mom is a lifetime channel addict.

  2. I am just crazy for Christmas movies. Love those happy endings, too! My husband shakes his head…

    I enjoyed the cute snowman images. I realize I do not have a single one in the house! And we barely get snow here. So I think I'll go get a snowman. 🙂


  3. I went shopping at La Cantera with the husband, which is great in some ways and limiting in others (some will get what I mean by that.) He's marvelous, but prone to saying everything looks great on me just to be nice, and maybe he is truly blind in his love. Or fashion clueless. I appreciate that tendency in him, as it comes from his big heart and love for me, but sometimes wish for a more HONEST opinion, If it looks like crap, please tell me so. My sisters will do that for me – the hubby not so much.

  4. I'm weirdly inconsistent on this one. While I generally hate sappy Christmas fare, there are 2 offerings that have me in tears EVERY TIME: "It's a Wonderful Life" and (wait for it) "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (original animated version, of course). All jaded cynicism melts away, and I am a puddle of Christmas pudding on the floor. And that's what Sunday afternoons are for, no?

  5. My hubby has this ritual of watching all the old animated/cartoon Christmas shows like Frosty, Rudolph, Charlie Brown and so on. I think they bring back childhood memories. My daughter (now 22 yrs old) also does the same. I think it's sweet that a mature man of 50 something watches kiddy shows. He says they're classics.

  6. I also miss watching Christmas movies with my children now that they have all moved out. But my husband has started watching with me. This has been a delightful afternoon of Christmas Cookies and Christmas Movies, punctuated by an occasional trip to the other TV to check on a few sporting events. Good Times!

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