Comfort Dressing and Visibility…on the Beach!

Road Trip!! Mr. B and I headed down to the Texas Gulf Coast on Sunday to visit family. I certainly realize that the upper Gulf Cost is not where you go for beautiful beaches, but it was nice to get out and see everyone.

It was also nice to have so many places to take pictures…I just could not decide which setting was the best…so you will just have to tell me if you prefer the bird watchtower, the umbrella, or the fishing pier! When I know I am going to be sitting in a car for six hours, I usually go for comfort…and I am so glad I brought my coat because it was very windy and cold on the beach.  Wind was a real photo challenge…you should see the outtakes!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Now head on over to Patti’s Visible Monday!

Workshop Cardigan by andrea jovine: Marshalls
Dollhouse shoes: DSW

By the way, I will announce the winner of the Shabby Apple Skirt on Tuesday! On Wednesday, I am so excited to bring to you a really great Valentine’s Day Contest with two gifts going to one lucky reader!! That’s right ladies and gentleman…I said two!

Finally, I am also joing in with the Monday Mingle at Mom Trends:

See you Tuesday!


  1. Great photos! You and the beach are both lovely, and I really like your colors today. You're one of the few people I know who can look neat and stylish in the wind, on a beach!
    Have a very nice week!

  2. I like the pumpkin coat. When I was a girl people sometimes went to Padre Island in the Spring. I'm guessing it was later in the year and that it's further South?

  3. I love the pier pics. But of course you look great in all of them. Fun to see where you live. It's so different from where I live. I've only been to Texas once, when I was 7. We went to Corpus Cristi for a family vacation. Our winter Minnesota skin, wasn't prepared for it. Needless to say, most of what I remember about that vacation was cooling sensation of Noxema.

  4. We need to get you into Hermes because orange is definitely your color. You could totally make an orange Kelly look so gorgeous and that is rare indeed! And lace? You in for Feb. 1? We'd love to have you! XO, Jill

  5. crushing on the stripe blazer/cardi
    i remember the first time i went to Galveston and they had tar remover in the bathroom at the hotel. i was like…what the heck???

  6. Oh, I love the photos of the wind in your hair! I think I like the dock and the umbrella photos the best. You're right that comfort is the top consideration when traveling.

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