Shabby Apple Contest Winner and Anti-Ageing Tips!

  Who won the contest!!! I was so excited to see Deja Pseu @ unefemmedecertainage‘s name appear on the paper drawn for the Shabby Apple Izzy skirt!  Congratulations!!  I will contact you by email and cannot wait to see how you style the skirt.  Now look for details to follow this week on the most amazing Valentine’s Giveaway!!  You will not want to miss this one!!

Enjoy this, Susan!!!

What are your secrets for staying forever young?  Clinton Kelly shared a few this week on his ABC Show, The Chew.  “Being a nice person keeps you looking younger,” Kelly said.  “Negativity eats away at your insides.”  I completely agree with him here!

Clinton Kelly from The Chew

He also said that all women over 40 should wear styles which are 75% classic to 25% trend.  “You need the little details to modernize classic style,” he said.  I would probably agree with that as well!!

Finally, the super foods we should eat every day are crispy seaweed, ground bee pollen, and ground flax seeds.  I am just curious…do any of you do that?

Flax Seeds from Google Images

Bee Pollen from Google Images

I will see you tomorrow with my version of Styling with Lace as I join in with Adrienne and Jill.

Remember to send me your smile…I am ready to post pictures of our best accessory!!!!

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  1. To heck with what you wear, update what you think!

    Who's your favorite musician? Have you read the latest bestseller? Watch a TV show that's popular with people in the next age bracket down – warning: the language they allow on TV is shocking compared to what was allowed in my youth! Don't focus on just looking young, focus on thinking that way.

  2. THANK YOU, PAM!!! I"m so thrilled and am already mentally going through my closet and thinking of multiple ways to style this gorgeous skirt! I'll post some outfit shots when I receive it.

  3. Congrats to the winner of the gorgeous skirt!!

    Like Cindy, I include ground flax seeds as often as possible. And they're great in smoothies! (I'm in northern Ohio, so don't eat them in the winter either!!) Take note though, they must be ground. Unground flax seeds don't offer the same nutritional value.

  4. Congrats to the winner!!!
    I do flax seed every day–will have to look into the others.
    AH Clinton–my other TV boyfriend. LOVE him!! Have you read his book?? It's awesome and hilarious!!

  5. Yes to flax! Also may help with hot flashes! Great post. Stay away from the negativity and never stop growing. Regarding clothing, classic with a touch of trendy :). Enjoy your day!

  6. I absolutely agree that negativity eats you away from the inside therefore, causing you to look older than you really are 🙂 LOVE dots, my fav are the tropical flavor ones!

  7. I took bee pollen while I was nursing my daughters–as my long hair was falling out in clumps. It stopped that and strengthened my nails and suddenly I had energy again. I have never "snacked" on it, but a teaspoon to a tablespoon in the morning was a real pick me up.

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