Let’s “dust” off a theory……

Happy weekend, everyone! I for one am so glad it is here…the first week back with students, for a new semester, is always crazy!

Duster:  Old Thrift Item
Simply Vera T: Kohls
Lee Jeans:  Kohls
Ballet Flats:  Target

On casual Friday, I pulled out a black duster that I haven’t worn in a while and it got me to thinking about the name for the garment. Lo and behold, it originates with the Texas Cowboy! Yee Haw!

Cowboys rode the range in long, leather coats to protect them from dust and a variety of other things…thus the name, duster! Perhaps this is one of the first garments ladies borrowed from menswear! Men and women wore dusters in the 20th Century to protect their clothes as they rode with the tops down in motorcars. Nevertheless, I have always liked the look! For me, a great duster is not too voluminous or else it will add on the pounds! I like this one, because the knit fits well, and is not too flowy! I chose this longer necklace to elongate the body…this was a recent consignment shop purchase!

Necklace: Serendipty Clothes SA Consignment
Bracelets: Kohls

Currently, we are experiencing warm weather in South Texas….I don’t know how those cowboys wore so much clothing in the heat we have….they must really have enjoyed the work!

On to some fun news…I received my invitation to see the spring collection for the W Line! I will be reviewing it for you in the next couple of weeks! Can’t wait! Hope you get some rest or do some fun after Christmas shopping this weekend!!

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