Goodwill, Consignments, Sales and Links a la Mode….Oh My!

Discovered this fun blouse at Goodwill!!

Let the purging begin!! It’s that fun time of year when many women sweep through their closets! Goodwill and other thrift shops receive an influx of donations, for that valuable tax credit, before the year ends. Then there are those of us who desire a fresh start at the beginning of a new year or just need room for Christmas gifts…so we organize the closet! Retailers are cleaning off shelves getting ready for the spring lines to arrive. What this means is simply one thing…SAVINGS for all of us and a fun time of year to shop!

Chicos Scarf:  Goodwill, $3
Gold Belt: $1
Purple maxi-skirt, 50% off:  Lane Bryant, $20

I really like Goodwill. Somehow, I feel as though I am helping the people who work there, or are getting job training and assistance from this organization. According to their website, 74 million people donated to their stores last year! I always enjoy conversing with the checkers (if there is not a line) and there was a time probably ten years ago that such a conversation lead me to discover the checker was actually a young man who had played one of the leads in the movie, When in Rome, starring Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen!! He was serving community service working at Goodwill…won’t go into details though he was very forthright with his indiscretions. But, he also seemed genuinely repentant! According to my daughter who was very young at the time and an Olsen Twin fan, that was the best discovery I ever made at Goodwill!!

I thought I would share some of the treasures Gigi and I discovered after Christmas…either at Goodwill, or consignment, or sales!! Did anyone else find something they love, shopping after the holiday??

Gigi found this great top at her favorite consignment shop,

Serendipity ClothingSA

Love her earrings…they were a Christmas gift!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

I am honored to once again be selected for IFB’s Links a la Mode!!
There is some great reading here, and I hope you can check out all!!

Ringing in 2012 with Style

Edited by: Meghan Donovan of WIT & Whimsy

It’s clear from this week’s Links a La Mode that we are all excited to have 2012 here and that we’re sure it will be one stylish year. From closet clean-out tips to style resolutions, IFB members have loads of ways this week to work that closet in the new year.



Necklaces at Shopbop: Chan Luu, Iosselliani, KJL, Vita NY, Noir, Dara Ettinger, Shashi, Phillip Lim, GinetteNY, Vanessa Mooney, Adia Kibur, CC Skye & Dannijo


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  2. The thrifts and Goodwill have been a GOLDMINE this week. lots of sales, buy one get one free and we have a goodwill outlet here where everything is 50%off. I've spent less then $60 and scored 2 pair jeans, 2 skirts, 2 pair slacks, 5 jackets, 3 cardigans, 1 sweater, 8 scarves, 2 pair shoes and 6 button down blouses!

  3. Beautiful scarf! I have a scarf fetish, and wish it would stay scarf weather year-round.

    I laugh sometimes at how, with the "reuse, recycle' push, it's now considered trendy to shop at thrift stores. I've done it for years, long before it was considered socially acceptable. I'm sure some of you did as well. I didn't hide it, either. Twenty years ago some hoity toity person would admire my exqusite wool blazer, and I'm beam a huge smile and say "Thanks! Five bucks at the Salvation Army thrift store!" Now that it's considered the thing to do, I no longer have the fun of doing that!

  4. Love the Goodwill, and I always enjoy chatting with the cashiers, from the pierced youngsters who are interested in everything, to the mature souls with whom I can laughingly reminisce about record players and typewriters.

  5. You found some great stuff. I like you in a maxi skirt. Also, loving all that color on you.

    I'm coming to SA on Monday. If there's any chance at all to call and see you, I would love that. I'm sorry in advance if that doesn't happen given the nature of my visit. I'll be busy helping my sis with the baby.


  6. The scarf and the bracelet are both great finds. We were in a Salvation Army recently and discovered one of our former tenants working there. At another, I recognized one of my former students, now a fashion merchandiser for their stores. Nothing quite as exciting as the clerk you had.

  7. I have tried several times to join up with Links a la mode. Either I don't get it or it's just to complicated. Finally gave up.
    If you have time to guide me through it let me know.

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