JCP and Me: Rebels With A Cause (New Info Below)

It’s Friday!!!
Scarf: Marshalls
Grey Sweater: Ross
Brown, pinstripe jacket: Macys
Lee Jeans: Kohls
Flats: Old Navy

Crossing over that line at 50, and realizing, at most, one half of your life may be over, can bring on a touch of rebelliousness!! For example, on Fridays at the school where we work, all faculty are asked to wear school spirit shirts and jeans. Gigi and I struggle with this one just a bit…we love the jeans part…it is just the spirit shirt where we really throw obedience out the window!! I do not want to spend Act II in a spirit polo…but I love the idea of a well styled casual look on Fridays! So far, no one has complained that we are dressing up a bit!

Bracelet:  Forever 21 (years back)

JC Penney’s Rebels Against Sales:

Now, I am just curious…but have you seen the new strategy from JC Penney’s…..the NO MORE SALES ever strategy.

Their ads feature over-taxed shoppers inundated with sales brochures and coupons, screaming….and conclude with the words ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….JCP.

I know they are attacking the ALL SALES-ALL THE TIME Strategy of Kohls. But I am not so sure that it will work…psychologically, I love getting a great deal at KOHLS during Power Hours with my combination of coupons from online-newspaper-text alert-see how low you can go strategy!!  Also, I like what Kohls offers…such as the great Simply Vera (Wang) look from Gigi today!

Gigi’s Friday Look features Simply Vera from Kohls:
blouse and belt

 JCP now says they will have low prices all of the time….40% off always. But, I am not sure they have quality merchandise that makes me want to experience the low prices. In recent months, I have seen the selection to be less than desirable.  This doesn’t motivate me to shop there…what about you?

What do you think?? Will the new strategy work??

Happy Weekend!!

Saturday Morning Breaking News:

Brett shared this article about JCP also stepping up their style!  Looks pretty good and the article author was even amazed….read here!!  JCP’S Cute CLothes!

Thanks Brett!!


  1. You do casual Fridays in a classic and elegant way. I like the splash of green your bracelet adds and what a pretty bracelet it is!

    That JCP ad is very annoying to me. I can't stand yelling of any kind. I quickly push the mute button whenever it comes on.

    I don't shop JCP. I have tried their tall women's clothing in the past and found the quality and cut so bad, I just gave up on JCP altogether. I hope for their sake their plan works – JCP has been around so long, it would be hard to see them go belly-up – but maybe they should focus more on upping their quality a bit instead of playing around with prices.

    I think I read somewhere that they are hoping to cut jobs by getting rid of sales. Did you hear that too?

    Happy Friday, Pam!
    xoxo, A

  2. I am certain that casual Fridays have never looked this good! You two must be the most popular attractions at your school!

    I'm thinking that the "everyday low prices" vs. cyclical markdown wars have been going on in various branches of retail for many years now. I assume there are enough shoppers of each mindset that both approaches are relatively profitable. I haven't shopped at either Kohls or JCP for several years, although I did frequent them during working years in my search for jeans and slacks in tall or long sizes. I'm not sure either pricing approach would draw me in now – I seem to make most of my purchases either online or within a 5-mile drive from home.

  3. You and Gigi look fantastic and you both have a lot of "spirit" – that's why you don't get any complaints : > I am not a JCP shopper wither so their new strategy won't lure me in. I don't want to see them fail, because they hire a lot of people.

  4. I'll confess I haven't shopped much at JCP except for my son (Arizona jeans are *awesome*). Every time we walk through, most of the departments look so crammed and messy, it's just a turnoff. You are dressed for Fabulous Friday!

  5. First, the scarf is beautiful and I do not blame you for rebeling! I haven't shopped much at JCPenney in recent years, but I know that one reason I have avoided Kohl's is that I hate the feeling that I might not have received the best possible price. It IS too confusing.

  6. I like JCP and I think the shopping experience depends on the location of the store. We have a lovely one in Green Bay. I like the quality and have been less impressed with Kohl's of late. I think the coupon sales are stupid. Why would anyone buy anything there if it is not on sale? If you don't have your coupons, the clerks give you one anyway. This happens at Younkers as well. I would prefer one low price….who are the stores trying to kid by knocking off 30%? That is probably what it should be in the first place!

  7. I know that you are a Kohl's shopper but I've quit shopping for clothing there because I've been unhappy with the quality of their items. They have good table linens and I go in for those.

    I agree with boopnut that the store matters and that the coupon thing is annoying.

    We have a nice JCP in the mall near me and they have a well-stocked clean store. Their store brands always include different colored t- and tank shirts without excessive ruffles and flourishes. Kohl's leaves no shirt undorned. I like the cash registers scattered throughout the store as opposed to registers in the front at Kohl's. I'm happy to wait in line in the middle-aged women's section without a lot of little kids.

    I like the Sephora mini-stores. The Sephora in my area is in a huge up-scale Mall that I don't pass by regularly.

    My Penny's is in a Hispanic area and they have a big Petite department (many Hispanic women are short) and it's a go-to for me. The Kohl's I go to has been displaying the same Petite items for more than a year.

    It's worth noting that their new CEO came from Apple. Putting things on sale is not part of Apple's way of doing business. I have some doubts about whether Penny's will be able to keep their new strategy going because others have tried it but I wish them well.

  8. I run through JCPenneys occasionally because there is one within a mile of my house. I NEVER buy anything there full price because it will be on sale the next day but I have the same philosophy at Kohls, Old Navy, Gap and Banana.
    I do like the new line that you posted the article about. It will be worth taking a look!

  9. As always, you look so put together…loving the scarf! Gigi looks wonderful as well. I saw the commercial…the first time, I SO related with the feeling it conveyed, but it soon became annoying because of the long, drawn out screaming. I hope JCP pulls it off…I'd hate to see another company go under causing more job loss. Have a great weekend Pam!

  10. I am not a big JCP shopper; however I do think it will work. I for one am so sick of the Macy's One day only or Biggest sale of the Weekend Ever. It is just meaningless….unless there is something you have had your eye one awhile. The retailer sales really to me mean you are probably finally paying for what it is worth.

    Psst I have a Valentines Giveaway I think you will love!!

    Art by Karena

  11. First of all, I'm with you on the spirit t's….I just don't do graphic t's. I have a couple that I really like, but I rarely wear them as they just don't feel like ME! As far as JCP goes, I'm a little confused by the 40% off all the time. So are they saying that they will cut all their prices by 40%? I don't know where the idea for this strategy came from, but I find it questionable. 40% off is still a sale. And eventually it will just dilute the lower prices. People will get used to getting the 40% off and won't feel like they're getting a deal. I've never gotten the impression that sales circulars bothered anyone. I saw their little internet commercial on the Yahoo home page, and the message got lost in the obnoxious video. All the screaming is unnerving! LOL Hugs gorgeous! You look better and better every time I visit your blog! ~Serene

  12. Hi Pam! Here I am again.
    I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Should you decide to accept (as they say in the Mission Impossible), the rules are stated on my blog. You're not pressured to follow thru…just my way of letting you know how much I like you & your blog! I think this is similar to your tagging.


  13. Hi Pam

    What is a spirit T?
    I love Gigi's outfit and i love your scarf
    I do not shop at JC. Penney but i was suprised by the nice garments, very colorful, up my alley
    About the no more sale, i do not know? I love the word sale, makes me want to spend more:)


  14. I have always been able to find some decent items at JC Penney and to be honest I am not a huge Kohl's fan, my sister loves the place. In addition, I am not a huge coupon/sale type of shopper. I buy what I like when I need it. I can't stand dealing with fliers and mailers so JC Penney's strategy works for someone like me who doesn't thrive on coupon shopping but still enjoys a great deal if there is one to be found.

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