Friday Fun!

Simply Vera Scarf and Bracelet: Kohls
Cardigan: Stein mart
Pencil Skirt:  Jana Kos
Tights: Lane Bryant
Boots: Ross
Espirit Black Trench: Ross
(Gigi talked me into leaving my glasses on…I am
Just not feeling it!!)

Happy Friday!!

The lovely Ariane has tagged me for quite a lengthy “get-to-know-the-blogger” event. It involves answering 11 questions posed to me by Ariane…. then confessing 11 random things about me…and  finally asking my own 11 questions of 11 other bloggers. This all made me wonder…why 11?  If anyone knows the answer, please share. So, hang in there why I go through all of the elevens!! First, the questions Ariane asked of me:

What do you think makes you unique? God created me to be unique…just as He created every individual to be. There is only one me. On the blogs, you do not find many suburban middle aged…high school teacher…mother of three…Texas through and through women…who have suddenly turned FASHION JOUNALIST!

What is your hidden talent? I have been blessed with the ability to speak well at the drop of a hat. I am not rattled if someone suddenly were to ask me to speak in front of 2000 people on the spur of the moment, unprepared.

If you had the choice, where would you live? Though I love seasons and the ambiance of northeastern cities, I think I would live right where I live. I am born and bred Texan. San Antonio is a multi-cultural city different from any other Texas city, and the majority of my own children are nearby.

The things you hate to do? CLEAN THE HOUSE. I am not a good housekeeper and I really hate it. My goal is to reach a place in life where I have housekeeping assistance…at 58, I am still waiting!

The worst injustice….This is hot button question. I am very passionate about many injustices happening around the world. I will mention particularly sex trafficking…racial and religious persecution..and then there are some I will keep in my heart, not ready to approach them here.

Fast fashion or vintage? Another tough question!! I love both. I guess I am more of a fast fashion girl.

Red wine or white wine? RED!

What causes me to lose my patience? With my students, I lose my patience with laziness and those who do not appreciate education. I lose my patience with those who do not want to read or work hard. I lose my patience with those who use Face Book and other social media as a weapon to destroy and bully…(if you are so spineless to not confront someone to their face, just say nothing at all.) I lose my patience with journalists who make assumptions and do not do their research or keep an open mind. Uh Oh…got a little carried away…I think this question caused me to lose my patience!!

Favorite male actor and why? Well, he’s dead. But I loved Michael Landon since childhood!  Cary Grant is dead also…sigh!

High heels or low heels? Cute little ballet flats!! After bunion surgery, my days of daily high heels are officially over!!

Favorite subject in school? JOURNALISM! Fell for it in middle school, and majored in it in college…it is who I am!


1. I love to sing…mostly Broadway musicals!!

2. I said above that I loved Michael Landon…well… I met my husband when he was in a satire at church playing the role of Little Joe Cartwright on the Ponderosa as a prodigal son…..Cool, HuH?

3. My favorite foods are peanut butter and ice cream!

4. I love Bed & Breakfast-vintage stays over the super fancy hotels

5. A perfect afternoon: cloudy and cold; candles; Phantom of the Opera

6. I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll!

7. A perfect morning: in a bookstore with a coffee shop

8. I really miss our Yorkshire Terrier and would love to have another one some day!

9. The majority of my days, I have no sense of smell due to allergies!

10. My chicken enchilada recipe is to die for!

11. At age 11, I wrote an award winning essay for the local newspaper and rode in my own float in the July 4th parade!

My Eleven Questions for the bloggers I have tagged:

1. Name one lesson you have learned from blogging?

2. What makes you smile?

3. What do you enjoy most about being a woman?

4. What is one thing you would tell young girls to remember when they get older?

5. You wish you had learned to ____________________________

6. Your favorite place in the whole world is __________________________

7. If you were stuck in an elevator, who would you like to be stuck with ___________________________

8. The next book you want to read is _______________________________

9. Hardwood floors or carpet?

10. Coffee or tea?

11. Dresses or jeans?


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