Marie Claire

For one afternoon over the holiday, I sat down with my latest stack of fashion magazines and began an intense search for inspiration. What seemed to scream out of the pages were the prints currently in vogue. “Prints Out Loud” is my best description…some were wild, neon, and pastel…some were graphic…some were tribal! All were attention grabbers.

Harper’s Bazaar

 So, as I took my little portion of Christmas gift money shopping, I went out in the world of retail with prints in mind. My personal colors of choice are usually jewel-toned, saturated colors and prints should definitely be UNDER CONTROL. If I were to follow some of the magazine ideas, I might cross over into clown territory, because of my body type and age.  I do not look my best in an all-over-print, so here is what I am likely to do:

Boyfriend Cardigan: The LOFT
Simply Vera Print: Kohls
Denim Skirt, Grey Tights: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Consignment Shop
1. Anchor the print with neutrals, by placing it under a great cardigan or jacket.

2. Place the print on the bottom in a skirt with neutrals or solids on top.

3. Display a wild print in a scarf.

4. Wear the wild print in a top with neutral pants or skirts
5. Make sure a loud print on a dress is not too large or
the wrong colors for me.

I have had my moments in the past of wearing all over wild prints and even mixing up all over wild prints, and I regret some of those decisions. It is not my best look and do not meet my new styling guidelines…which I am still pleased with the results, since I have been shopping with my Foundational Five Guidelines.

I love prints and, for now, just want to keep them under control!! Do you have other ways you might wear an “in-your-face-print” ?


Attitudes Bracelet: Stein Mart
Necklace: Avenue

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