WD.NY Cardigan: Marshalls
Sigrid Olsen T: Marshalls
Denim Skirt and Blue Tights: Lane Bryant
Boots: Ross
“Fairy Tales will come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart……..”

Yes, I am young at heart and wore an outfit today which makes me feel youthful. However, my body is saying otherwise. This week was one of the worst doctor’s visits I have personally experienced….and, I know, it could be worse. But, my spine is deteriorating!! Literally, I am on the cusp of Osteoporosis….bummer. I have shrunk from 5’8 ½” to 5’8”!! I had hoped to be standing tall and straight as I age, but, Rhett, I will think about that tomorrow.

Scarf:  Marshalls
Bracelet:  Forever 21

This is one of the reasons I am so excited about my new athletic shoes from Tenevis by Good Feet . I think they are a major reason why my back has ceased to hurt when I sleep. So, I decided to interview Dan McCarthy, designer and principal at Tenevis by Good Feet about this unique shoe.

He said, “The concept of this shoe was born in Pusan, Korea by YS Hwang, a footwear manufacturer. His original premise was to create a men’s dress shoe that improved posture and alleviated the load on your joints and back, so we took the same ideas and brought them to the U.S. market for athletic shoes.”

They do not claim to burn more calories than any other shoe, but they do claim to help posture and alleviate wear on joints….a great coincidence…exactly what I need right now! Dan is quick to stress that this is not a rocker shoe! “We decided to partner with Good Feet,” he said, “because they are the experts in footbeds, and we wanted the industry-leading footbed technology.” The shoe hopefully makes walking effortless, thus allowing us to walk farther and longer by alleviating the joint pain…something I have been struggling more with lately. By making walking a more enjoyable experience, then hopefully we will do more of it!

They have plans for many versions of this shoe for men and women. You might check out their video here.  Their website will also tell you  if you can find the shoes in a local retailer. My aching back, which is apparently in bad shape, is so happy to welcome Tenevis to my closet!! This should keep me young at heart longer!!

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