There is a name of a woman’s magazine floating around my head. In my dreams, I have fashioned a magazine for the real woman of a certain age. Someone who could be a variety of sizes….have a variety of household incomes…could be a parent or an empty nester….could shop anywhere from Wal-Mart to Saks. This woman does not find herself in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, or InStyle. But, she desires to find inspiration and encouragement from a world which understands her and her needs on the front lines of life.

Brown Cardigan:  Chicos
Ralph Lauren Merlot Sweater: Macys
Skirt, Tights: Lane Bryant
Flats:  Old Navy
Slip: Left at home…bummer!

What I love the most about blogs is the personal touch the reader receives…hands on, real world advice and companionship. Sometimes, I just have to laugh at the life I am currently living. While some fashion bloggers are shooting their photos in Italy and Paris, I shoot the freeway construction near my home and weekday styles in a classroom. While some bring you styles from the latest runways and the most expensive designers, I bring you to the front lines of places like Goodwill, Ross, Marshalls, Macys and Kohl’s!! While most are active on Face Book, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest, I struggle to hold down a job, manage a household and family, and create a daily blog. Honestly, having a presence on more social media is kind of stressing me out right now!!

 But, you know what, I hope that I represent those of you living a real life, in a real America and just want to have fun with real woman fashion. Comparisons are deadly and create a boatload of depression. Acceptance of who we are and where we are and being our best within that acceptance can create a boatload of joy.

Mrs. Joy
She looks radiant!!

Maybe we are not cover girls, but we are convicted girls…conviction that life is worth living from the trenches with joy, purpose and determination!!

Belt: Thrift
Bracelet: Kohls
Neckalce: Kohls

Do you think it is possible for a magazine about actual women to be successful? 

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