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There is a name of a woman’s magazine floating around my head. In my dreams, I have fashioned a magazine for the real woman of a certain age. Someone who could be a variety of sizes….have a variety of household incomes…could be a parent or an empty nester….could shop anywhere from Wal-Mart to Saks. This woman does not find herself in Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, or InStyle. But, she desires to find inspiration and encouragement from a world which understands her and her needs on the front lines of life.

Brown Cardigan:  Chicos
Ralph Lauren Merlot Sweater: Macys
Skirt, Tights: Lane Bryant
Flats:  Old Navy
Slip: Left at home…bummer!

What I love the most about blogs is the personal touch the reader receives…hands on, real world advice and companionship. Sometimes, I just have to laugh at the life I am currently living. While some fashion bloggers are shooting their photos in Italy and Paris, I shoot the freeway construction near my home and weekday styles in a classroom. While some bring you styles from the latest runways and the most expensive designers, I bring you to the front lines of places like Goodwill, Ross, Marshalls, Macys and Kohl’s!! While most are active on Face Book, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest, I struggle to hold down a job, manage a household and family, and create a daily blog. Honestly, having a presence on more social media is kind of stressing me out right now!!

 But, you know what, I hope that I represent those of you living a real life, in a real America and just want to have fun with real woman fashion. Comparisons are deadly and create a boatload of depression. Acceptance of who we are and where we are and being our best within that acceptance can create a boatload of joy.

Mrs. Joy
She looks radiant!!

Maybe we are not cover girls, but we are convicted girls…conviction that life is worth living from the trenches with joy, purpose and determination!!

Belt: Thrift
Bracelet: Kohls
Neckalce: Kohls

Do you think it is possible for a magazine about actual women to be successful? 


  1. I would LOVE to see a magazine like that! And not with some condescending title. As Collette just pointed out, "so many mags depict a life that most of us do not lead" and unfortunately fashion blogging is heading in that direction. But honestly, one of the things I like about my little neck of the woods blogging world is that, as women of a certain age, we've seen less prone to compare among ourselves. There's an easier friendliness, like we're not expecting to be the next Glamourai, we're just trying to express ourselves. I posted (on FB) a quote that I read recently that was said by a mother of the Alice in Chains deceased bassist. I believe he died of drug overdose. The gist of the quote was that life doesn't have to be lived as a celebrity. A quite simple routine life is rich and wonderful and a gift to be cherished. Often the only glamorous thing in my life is my imagination! Hugs to you gorgeous! ~Serene

  2. Hi Pam,

    I would love a magazine where women are real everyday issues
    I would to see as well untouched photography
    What we see in magazine is not the real, would like to see women of all sizes .
    It would be neat to have a magazine about different women in the different cities, sort of a collaboration.

    Looking great Pam


  3. Such a great post, Pam. To borrow a phrase, we *are* the 99%, or at least the 97%, who are not rich and stunning and leading glamorous lives. But we do have a lot to say! You and Joy look gorgeous today, and very authentic.

  4. I agree with the above comments on a magazine. I don't care about the runway, size 0, teenagers (fashion). YOu have inspired me to dress a little nicer, I'll put on a necklace and bracelet (or 3), maybe even a scarf. Although, at 60, I most often wear jeans in my small town life.
    both of you look GREAT today!
    Congrats Mrs Joy! A new love has entered your life.

  5. Pam, I have that brown sweater from Chico's but hadn't figured out what to wear it with. (I struggle with "making" outfits.) You're such great inspiration!! That outfit is gorgeous on you. And Mrs. Joy looks fabulous! Love that scarf! Congratulations on your grandbaby!

    Most certainly I would purchase that type of magazine. I have no interest in the magazines for young, skinny women because I could never wear those clothes. I want a magazine with models that I can relate to. Wonderful idea!

  6. Pam, I count myself as a lucky lady to have found your blog. You, unlike me, have truly found a way to express your authentic self beautifully. My struggle being a lady of a certain age has me down so women like you are an inspiration. While I would love to see a magazine like you suggest, the trouble may be the marketing machine in this country wouldn't go for it. They see the world as a wanna be place of glitz, glamour and perfection. BUT, it would be cool if the other 95% of us could make it work. Thank you for keeping a part of my everyday sane. Best of luck to you with your family, house & future. C

  7. Great idea for a magazine and I know you will come up with the perfect name. The pattern of your skirt is lovely and your friend's scarf brings multicolored radiance to her outfit. Nothing like a touch of leopard!

  8. I think it's not only possible, but that you and the other "certain age" bloggers have already created it. Every day you publish stylish, inspirational articles about you, a real woman who *is* us. Putting it into print might make it less ephemeral, but blogs have much greater immediacy and interactivity.
    I may be too dismissive, but I don't really care whether the industry is interested in publishing a mag or whether it could be successfully marketed. I say it's already successful in this medium, and growing more every day.
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  9. I'd be first in line to buy a subscription, Pam!!!! I hate mainstream fashion mags becaue they feature clothes and styles that just aren't realistic in the average womans life.

    I LOVE your outfit–especially the necklace!! And Mrs. Joy looks awesome!!

  10. Thanks for your blog; you have no idea how many women you are reaching each day. I'm an American currently living in the middle of the Outback in the heart of Australia, and it is so nice to see the bit of authentic American life your bring my way.

  11. Do you mean with women from the real-world, not photo shopped to the bones, and with articles that are actually useful and can be attained to??? My goodness, print that magazine and you will be rich within the month…
    Love your blog as it stands – shows us what can be achieved on a day-to-day basis…and always with a smile…

  12. For a long time I have thought I would love to have a magazine like Lucky that had things older women would be interested in. After reading Katrina's comment, I agree with her. We are those women and we are publishing photos of women who are real and unretouched. I looked at my pics today and my hair looked absolutely dorky, but I posted the picture anyway. We feature affordable easily available clothing and show what real women look like in it. We share ideas on how to DIY and style clothing in ways no magazine does. There are merchants that we might never find without reading about them on one anothers blogs. We can inspire and help each other to be better at growing older with style.
    Pam, you and Joy both look awesome.

  13. Amen sister! Real women! That's what I love about your blog! You look great in those colors and so slim! I am committing to Power 90 and journaling all my food to try to lose this 15 pounds. Joy does look radiant!

  14. You both look readiant! As for your backgrounds, I've been thinking that mine could be as interesting as Pam's! I would subscribe to such a magazine…now where can be come up with the financing! You'll be the editor, for sure.

    As for social media, I've got Facebook down to a minimum, though Twitter has become fun…after nearly a year of not quite understanding it.

  15. I find myself wanting a magazine that is more attuned to me – I'm outgrowing Glamour a bit (they do sometimes talk about 40+ women). I too love that I represent a small section of society with my blog. I have a life, I have a full-time job, I have a husband. I don't Tweet or use any other social media! I have enough on my plate, thank you!

    Sorry for being absent, Pam, I have been so busy lately. I just wanted to thank you for reading and commenting, and let you know that I do read, even if I don't comment. Rock on, sister!

  16. Comparisons are odious! It's awesome that you're being real about your life and your wardrobe. You look amazing and you can inspire the many, many others who also don't have thousands of dollars to spend on clothes.


    PS – it beats me why they don't listen when we all say we'd like more 'real' woman, lower priced clothes, different sized and coloured and aged models etc.

  17. You know…you could create an online magazine, featuring real women from the blogosphere, or have women send in their stories & photos. It would be like a blog but in a magazine format. Just thinking out loud here….
    I love your feminine skirt, perfect with the sweater and the bold accessories. Mrs. Joy is beautiful, too! Your students are very blessed to have you as their mentor.

  18. great post, pam. i am totally with you…i have a difficult time keeping up with the blog itself…adding a facebook page or anything else would drive me mad because i get obsessed easily! it would surely keep me up till morning! i will take things slow and not put too much on my plate. i LOVE your links…i had a slight obsession over these during the holidays! love what mrs. joy did with her scarves!


  19. Both of you look great! Your jewelery is amazing. As to the magazine about actual women, I think it could be successful but it depends on many things. The format, for example. I think it could be good in a web based format, maybe like a bigger blog? When people buy magazines in the store many of them look for their dose of escapism, that's why I think a website will be more fitting.

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