All Signs Point to ….SPRING!


Peeking out from down the street

 In My Window Box

There are several ways that I know that spring is here in South Texas. My female co-workers begin to wear sandals. Our Mountain Laurel blooms (magnificent aromas). The days are longer. Teachers and students dream of Spring Break! We turn off the heater…until next winter. We no longer have nights in the 30s and 40s. So the transition to warmer weather has officially begun:

Neighborhood Mountain Laurel

Today, I decided to take one of favorite winter looks and transition it with a sleeveless Chico’s Travelers blouse, and a spring scarf with a touch of yellow! Instead of the boots I have worn all season, I selected a flat shoe…much cooler on the legs! The hardest items for me to put away are my dark tights, orange coat and boots. I have loved them this year!

Jacket and Skirt: Lane Bryant
Travelers Chicos Blouse
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
New Target Shoes: Goodwill, $1.99

Tomorrow, make sure and check out Jill and Adrienne to see everyone’s cherished possessions.  Also, I will officially announce the winner of  the Foxcroft Collection Blouse.

Scarf: Lane Bryant
Bracelet: Chicos, clearance

My dogwoods know how to dress for spring…the budding has begun!

Lush green grass just makes me want to hide Easter Eggs…
I know its too early for that!

Wow, feeling old, so sad to say goodbye
to Davy Jones today!

Takes me back to fifth grade!!


  1. Your pictures are so pretty and I can almost feel the Spring Fever kicking in! We had a springlike weekend, then our version of winter weather swept back in on Monday. I'll be able to comfortably wear tights and boots intermittently well into May here, for which I am thankful.

  2. You have such a wonderful blog and I love all of your fashion ideas and the fact that you tell where you found everything. The bracelet from Chico's is fantastic!! I'm not a huge jewelry and accessories person but I love earrings and bracelets and I'm starting to want to try some new necklaces. I have a large bust and broad shoulders and I've always felt that a necklace brings too much attention to them. Now I'm starting to think "SO WHAT!!" That's what I love about being in my 40's!!

    Happy Leap Day to you!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  3. Spring has been lurking around these parts. But today it's grey and cold.

    Too bad about Davy. 66 is so young!

    That scarf is so great! I love the bright yellow. And I will gladly take that bracelet/cuff off your hands should you ever care to sell it. I am crazy about it!

    Looking forward to tomorrow's post! Thanks for playing along with us. xoxo, A

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