Not Easy Being Green!

Travelers Jacket: Goodwill
Foxcroft Collection Blouse
Lee Black Denim: Kohls

William Shakespeare must have hated the color green. After all, he is the one who coined phrases like “green with envy,” and “green eyed monster.” Though I really love Shakespeare’s works, I have to disagree with his connotations of “green.” It is one of my favorite colors. I have also heard women with green eyes referenced as “green eyed monsters.”

Wanted Ballet Flats: Garment Exchange Consignment

Labeling is one of my pet peeves as a communications teacher. I have little patience with labels and with generalizations. All people are not all of anything. All women with red hair do have short tempers. All women with blonde hair are not airheads. All overweight people are not lazy. All Baby Boomers are not ready to retire. I constantly caution students about what they do and say on Face Book. Recently, a group of young men began to refer to girls as “sandwich makers.” That turned me into a green eyed monster!

Chain Necklace: Chicos
Pendant Necklace: Lane Bryant
Bracelet: My daughters!!

I prefer to think of green as one of the colors of spring which brings to mind fresh air….freshly cut grass…new growth abounding…laughter as kids play outside again. It’s all in our perspective…no disrespect to Mr. Shakespeare!

The Foxcroft Collection

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  1. Pam, I just love all the necklaces! Such a fabulous look!! I'm with you on the label issue…..I loathe them and try to catch myself if I find I'm ever guilty of labeling. Great post girly!! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. I'm always leary of new slang.

    Is "sandwich maker" as simple as "one who does mundane stuff like make lunch" or does it encompass some sexual innuendo that I'm missing?

  3. As a redhead I had to laugh at your type "all redheads do have short tempers". I use to get that all of the time, and it kinda fit when I was younger. Now, as I mature, I try to be more calm. My temper is not b/c of my hair color….. Of course I love green.

  4. You do look good in that green sweater! I love your jewelries. This is one beautiful outfit on you! 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

    Adin B

  5. That is a beautiful sweater. I love green, and surround myself with it in my home. My closet has more green clothing than any other color, everything from very dark forest green to neon chartreuse! The only negative thing I ever heard about wearing green is that you're not supposed to wear green to an interview. I can't remember why that was, and I disregarded it anyway!

  6. You wear green beautifully! It's one of my favorites too. I agree completely about negative labels for groups of people. They are destructive and hurtful.

  7. Such a cute outfit, love your flats! I popped into a "Dress Barn" a couple days ago and I was shocked at the amount of green, I just don't remember it ever being such a prominent fashion color?

  8. "Renaissance Englishmen often paired colors with emotions or personal qualities: both green and yellow are emblematic of jealousy, and green is also emblematic of envy. Some colors are associated with the bodily fluids or "humors" thought to make up the temperament; green and black were the colors attributed to bile."

    "O! Beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on." — Othello

    I've never heard of a person with green eyes being called a 'green-eyed monster' but they'd get pretty short shrift from me if they tried it 'cos I think it's extremely rude!



  9. I totally agree with you re : generalizations, plus my own green eyes are one of the few things that haven't let me down as I aged and I'm very happy with their beautiful colour !

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