Travelers Jacket: Goodwill
Foxcroft Collection Blouse
Lee Black Denim: Kohls

William Shakespeare must have hated the color green. After all, he is the one who coined phrases like “green with envy,” and “green eyed monster.” Though I really love Shakespeare’s works, I have to disagree with his connotations of “green.” It is one of my favorite colors. I have also heard women with green eyes referenced as “green eyed monsters.”

Wanted Ballet Flats: Garment Exchange Consignment

Labeling is one of my pet peeves as a communications teacher. I have little patience with labels and with generalizations. All people are not all of anything. All women with red hair do have short tempers. All women with blonde hair are not airheads. All overweight people are not lazy. All Baby Boomers are not ready to retire. I constantly caution students about what they do and say on Face Book. Recently, a group of young men began to refer to girls as “sandwich makers.” That turned me into a green eyed monster!

Chain Necklace: Chicos
Pendant Necklace: Lane Bryant
Bracelet: My daughters!!

I prefer to think of green as one of the colors of spring which brings to mind fresh air….freshly cut grass…new growth abounding…laughter as kids play outside again. It’s all in our perspective…no disrespect to Mr. Shakespeare!

The Foxcroft Collection

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