Arsenic and Old Lace…And a Giveaway Too!

Joni B jacket: Tuesday Morning
Traveler’s Black Cami: Chicos
Jana Kos Pencil Skirt
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Antonio Melani Shoes: Dillards

February….hearts…flowers…love…lace…It all seems to go together! So, a celebration of lace is a great way to begin this month as Jill and Adrienne planned.

However, I have decided that there is a bit of arsenic in the lace decision for women 50+. Yesterday, I awoke fully intending to tackle the lace challenge with a beautiful lace cardigan I own. I have worn it before and each time it brings compliments. But, when I looked in the mirror, I thought, “Geez, I look like I’m old!!” I tried another lace tunic…same feeling….at that moment lace was making me feel elderly.

What I was going to
wear…just felt old in
it for some reason!

 It wasn’t until I put on the blue jacket, that I finally felt youthful in something with lace. This one had more design…better fit…more style…and personality.

Premiere Jewelry

I picked up this jacket after Christmas on a clearance rack at Tuesday Morning. I did not plan to wear it to school, but this lace challenge ended up taking me there. Originally I purchased it for a couple of upcoming weddings. I really think it is beautiful and unique….and finally, I felt youthful in lace!!

Here are a couple of looks with lace I like from Nanette Lepore’s Spring Collection:

I am so excited to host this special Valentine’s Giveway with two amazing accessory designers!  One of you will win two beautiful items.
The first is this beautiful red coral necklace from Marie Bruns
and I will show you the second item as soon as I receive the image from handbag designer Betty Audish.
All you have to do is the following:
In one comment, I want to know that you
a. Follow over50feeling40
b. Go to Marie Bruns and Betty Audish and tell me which of their pieces you love.
I will give you one extra entry each time you
a. Tweet about the contest
b. Follow over50feeling40 on Twitter
c. Tell me that you shared this blog with a friend who did not know about it (send me an email
These are beautiful items and worth these simple details to make sure you have multiple entries. One winner will receive both items!!  The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day!!….with love!
Exceptional quality, exquisite designs…make sure you enter this one several times!!


  1. You look absolutely beautiful in your lace. For some reason, I just can't seem to pull it off. I love the ethereal and romantic aspect of it, but when I wear lacy, it just doesn't "feel" like me. I think I stick to having a little lace cami peek out from under a blouse, but that is about as much as I can do. But YOU! You've nailed it! Love that movie too, with Cary Grant, right? Hugs! ~Serene

  2. You look fabulous in your blue lace jacket – love the bracelet too! I agree that lace can be tricky for us over-50's. I try to mix it with down-to-earth pieces (like your skirt) to look modern. Brava, you nailed it, as Serene says : >

  3. You always look great! Especially your smile! What a surprise to open up your page and see myself smiling back at me. Thanks for highlighting me. I did click on it but it said the page didn't exist. Just thought you might want to know. Have a great day inspiring others!

  4. What a unique top, and I'll bet the blue really lights up your eyes. I'm enjoying the lace trend from the sidelines; most of it look too twee on me.

  5. First of all, I love the title! Woo-hoo! Second of all, that jacket is so unusual and gorgeous, I can see this with jeans too, even white ones. It does not look old, it looks amazing and you are going to get compliments all over town on this piece. Third, thanks once again for joining us, each and every month. We love having you participate! XO, Jill

  6. Lace is so pretty but I agree, Pam difficult to wear…you've found a lovely piece with the jacket such a stunning blue…it looks great!
    Thanks for dropping by…lovely to hear from you.

  7. That is so funny that you associate lace with "old," because I always look at my lace pieces and think they are too "young." Why such different perspectives I wonder? Well I think that sweater is gorgeous, and we should both just go about wearing lace and not worry about it!

  8. Looking lovely and YOUNG in lace, Pam. That top was a great find. I adore navy with white.

    Thank you so very much for participating in our monthly series.

    xoxo, A
    Oh, and please enter me in your give away. I am trying to limit my likes and follows and such – so put me down for a comment, a follower of yours, I follow you on Twitter and FB.

    Love that necklace and the pink handbag…great colors!

  9. Lace and all styles of romantic clothing is what I am drawn to. Then I noticed several years ago lace made me look wrong. When I tried to figure out why it was because it was aging. Thank you for being honest with your opinion. How can something so feminine and lovely be aging other than I know all vintage clothing that I used to love turned aging on me as well.

  10. I love the Marie Bruns necklace called Black Draped Pearl. And the Betty Audish bag that is red with a huge leopard bow on it. I couldn't find the name as the page wouldn't load all the way. (Aurgh – frustrating. Probably my slow internet). I have a couple of lace tops that you wear over a tank or cami. They are in very neutral colors (one in camel and one in black). They look great if I wear them with edgy shoes and jeans. I understand the "new" things I have to watch so I don't look aged…. I am all for ANTI-AGING! Cheers! Sherry

  11. I follow your blog on Bloglovin and use your outfits as inspiration for my over 50 self. The Marie Bruns jewelry is just lovely but MB Ribbon Green Turquise spoke to me – a great way to put a pop of color to an outfit. I would love any of the Betty Audish bags – they're all so rich looking but my favorite would be the brown python with the braided shoulder strap.

  12. I have to say that while I do love that lace jacket and think it looks beautiful on you, I think it's YOU that makes the jacket look beautiful and youthful, not the other way around. 🙂

  13. I am following your Over50feeling40 blog. I love the Messy Turquiose necklace by Marie Bruns and the purses are to die for.

  14. love that first dress you featured
    your bracelet is so great!!
    i follow you and really like the black pearl necklace and the leopard clutch!

  15. Love the Breakfast at Tiffanys from Marie Bruns and absolutely EVERY handbag at Betty Audish! And I REALLY love that lace dress from Nanette Lapore!

  16. The only lace I had in my wardrobe was on my nightgowns…and I didn't want to sport those for the challenge. I think you're right that it can be a challenge at our age.

  17. I follow via GFC 🙂

    I love Marie Burns Chic Pearls necklace and Betty Audish's clutches with the snakeskin bow.

    Following on Twitter as @kirti_aparajita.

  18. I always enjoy your blog as I was a teacher for 30 years myself. I felt that dressing stylishly and with an individual flair made me feel confident to face the class and also showed respect for my college, my students and my profession.

    Here I just love the grey baroque pearls with the pink ribbon and the turquoise blue snakeskin clutch. You are inspiring me to add some zingy colour to my more classic outfit combinations. Do please enter me for your give-away.

  19. I follow! I had a tough time choosing a favorite bag, but 7014 MAMB BRONZE Clutch, 7007-A TAFF- BRONZE bag, and JUDY EEL-GRN Bag would all be fun. I love that Coral necklace that is the prize, but also thought I would enjoy the Blue Amazonite Necklace or the Turquoise and Black Onyx Necklace. Good way to spend the tax refund! Thanks. (I didn't know Tuesday Morning had clothes.)

  20. Wow! Finally getting around to entering this.

    I love the black draped pearl necklace on the MarieBruns site.
    On the Betty Audish site, I loved the Eilyn Crocodile turquoise.

  21. I always follow your blog! I visited both web sites. I love the pearls and crystals on leather necklace and the Python handbags (couldn't find a name). I don't twitter but will mention the contest on my blog!

  22. I am a follower! Love your blog!

    At MarieBruns I love the red coral, gorgeous color! I also like the turquoise for more fun color. The Black Baroque Pearl is perfect for those more formal occasions! At Betty Audish I love the Kathy Python Handbag!!

    Off to follow you on twitter….

  23. Long time follower via Bloglovin! Soooo hope I win this one! Love both items! I like the ribbon coral necklace and the Kathy python handbag. Thanks

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