Blue on Blue: From Clothing to Grammys

Necklace: Chicos
Ring: Stein Mart

Remember the Bobby Vinton song…Blue on Blue, Heartache on Heartache?? I thought of it today when I put this outfit together. Now, it’s in my head…can’t get it out!

But, speaking of music, did anyone else feel old during the Grammys this past Sunday?? I haven’t watched any awards ceremonies in a long time, but the sudden death of Whitney Houston led me to watch the Grammys since it was to become a part of my Current Events lesson for class on Monday. I was already feeling sad about Whitney….such an incredible talent and such a sad story.

Beach Boys on Grammy Night

  Then….here come the Beach Boys! I slept out in the rain once for Beach Boys tickets so I could be near the front….to dance on a chair throughout the concert…it was so much fun! But, Sunday night….they were old…they looked old…they sounded old…and Mike Love even grabbed his right arm once and I thought, “OH NO, he is going to have a heart attack right there on the stage!!” After they sang, I felt sad. 

Glenn Campbell Grammy Night

To add to the pain….this was followed by a performance with Glenn Campbell and a tribute to him. I actually enjoyed him a little more…knowing he has Alzheimer’s disease…I thought he was fun and did really well with Rhinestone Cowboy.

Paul McCartney Grammy Night

As in all things, there was a silver lining around the corner! The whole night ended with a performance by seventy year old Paul McCartney…I do not know how the man does it…but he just doesn’t look or sound as old as he is. He hopped around from the piano to the guitar and jammed with the top electric guitarists of the evening including Springsteen. He had that cute, joyful- Paul- look in his eye that has been there since his 20s. While the younger generation was mass Tweeting, “WHO IS PAUL MCCARTNEY??”; I was singing and dancing along with him.

Also, I downloaded his latest CD, Kisses on the Bottom….if you love Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble or Tony Bennett or even just jazz…you will love this! It is so different from anything he has done. But, the music will mentally take you to a dimly lit, romantic New York setting where he serenades with just a piano, acoustic guitar, and a snare. I love it…but he has been singing to me (yes, just to me) since I was 11!!

Blue T Shirt: Ross
Blue Cardigan: Marshalls
Black Lee Jeans: Kohls
Liz Claiborne Booties: Marshalls

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  1. Lovely heading, and gorgeous you in green and blue.
    We have an autograph by Paul, well all the Beatles when they weren´t that famous. My husband is English,so they are big in our home.

  2. I envy your talent at mixing your blues! I love blue but when I try and put blues together, they just don't seem to work. Any tips?

  3. I noticed it right away and LOVE the new header and title. It scares me to look at the Beach Boys…… old……..does that mean I am not as young as I use to be????? Yes, I agree Paul has not aged as much.

  4. Oh my…I am soooo coveting that blue cardigan! I may just have to go to Marshall's. 🙂 That's gorgeous, and looks gorgeous on you!

    I missed the Beach Boys on the Grammies, but yes, that are definitely looking their age, and making me feel mine! 🙂

    Thanks for the tip on the Paul McCartney CD…I'll have to check it out.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  5. I didn't see most of the show, but I saw the online reaction and realized that I didn't know who any of the younger performers were! But I'm used to that. I caught about a minute of Paul McCartney's performance. I guess I'm alone in this, but I didn't think he sounded good (ducks in anticipation of flying objects). Yes, he's amazing; yes, he's young for his age. But I heard the vocal chords straining and I think he was trying too hard to compensate.

    More importantly: you look marvelous. And youthful! Who cares if you remember the "more seasoned" bands?

  6. Yes, the Beach Boys looked and sounded their age. The tribute to Glen Campbell was very touching and I loved his bidding adieu with Rhinestone Cowboy. He is a class act. Paul McCartney will ALWAYS be the cutest Beatle… he rocked! I love that he has let his music grow and change and that he has an amazing energy, but doesn't feel the need to do cartwheels on stage…

    Love the blue on blue!

  7. I too was shocked when I saw the Beach Boys. I remember when they were boys, now they are OLD. Glen Campbell was great. It is so sad how many people are getting Alzheimers. No one in my family has had it yet, although I think my Father-in-law had it and he was in a home when he died.
    You look beautiful in blue!

  8. Pam–you look so beautiful in the blue. DH and I have been to several rock concerts in recent years–James Taylor with Carole King, Rod Stewart with Stevie Nicks, Bob Dylan. It is not so much the performers as the audience members that give me pause: how did this happen to us?

  9. Pam you look lovely in that color. I like the ring too! But, lets talk about the beach boys. They were my very first concert, it was so much fun. I have Sir Pauls cd on my want list, you know I love jazz. Thank you for the mention on this post too, you are a doll. Hugs P.S. thank you for linking to Thursday Favorite Things linky party

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