Black long sleeved T from The GAP
$1.99 at Goodwill!!

Looking for something to do today? Why not make it a Goodwill (or your favorite thrift store) Saturday? Treasure hunting can be such a fun way to spend a little free time; however, be careful not to buy just to buy. You want to make sure it goes well with your current wardrobe and has great fit….but have fun!

After all this is our sport of hunting, and in Texas we will tell you that the thrill of the hunt is what fuels the seasons! Don’t get down if you do not find anything, just go back out there again soon. Remember, many women clean out their closets this  

time of year and the thrift stores overflow.

This blouse caught my eye at
Goodwill recently..loved the colors for
only $3!

San Antonio Express News Fashion Editor, Michael Quintanilla, is at fashion week and called our attention to some of the colors for Fall 2012…I am loving them.  Here is one example from the BCBG Runway from looks of flowing silk chiffon:

Associated Press Photo/Richard Drew

Here is the official Fall 2012 Color ReportPantone Fall 2012 Color Report!


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