Goodwill Saturday and The Colors of Fall 2012: Gotta Smile!

Black long sleeved T from The GAP
$1.99 at Goodwill!!

Looking for something to do today? Why not make it a Goodwill (or your favorite thrift store) Saturday? Treasure hunting can be such a fun way to spend a little free time; however, be careful not to buy just to buy. You want to make sure it goes well with your current wardrobe and has great fit….but have fun!

After all this is our sport of hunting, and in Texas we will tell you that the thrill of the hunt is what fuels the seasons! Don’t get down if you do not find anything, just go back out there again soon. Remember, many women clean out their closets this  

time of year and the thrift stores overflow.

This blouse caught my eye at
Goodwill recently..loved the colors for
only $3!

San Antonio Express News Fashion Editor, Michael Quintanilla, is at fashion week and called our attention to some of the colors for Fall 2012…I am loving them.  Here is one example from the BCBG Runway from looks of flowing silk chiffon:

Associated Press Photo/Richard Drew

Here is the official Fall 2012 Color ReportPantone Fall 2012 Color Report!



  1. The best day to go to Goodwill here is sunday, each week a new color tag is 1/2 off and they start on sunday. Ours often has a clearance rack and sometimes great bargains are found there. One year I got my granddaughter a brand new party dress for 'cheap'. A couple of weeks ago I found a new (tags on) GAP sweater for my grandson for .99. Yes, the key is definitly not to buy just to buy something. Interesting fall colors……….but I am still thinking spring here. We had snow/blowing/cold here yesterday (in the middle of our MILD winter).

  2. I am already drawn to the Olympian Blue, Titanium and Rhapsody! Many of these are in my wardrobe already! Our Goodwill has high prices, but I may check it out again this weekend.


  3. Hi Pam, I love that drapey cardigan/wrap on you, so wonderful. You look great! Did you get a haircut? I am on a spending freeze with Adrienne (Rich Life), it is so time. Also, I have no idea where there is a Goodwill in either Brooklyn or Manhattan, if there even is one. I do like to go to the one near my grandmother's house in Ithaca though I only find books and movies there. Thanks for including the Pantone Fall color report. I am so into the Honey Gold and Olympian Blue! XO, Jill

  4. Love your outfits! The "new" blouse is gorgeous!
    Did just what you said and visited 3 Goodwills today and the Mission store!! I love looking for "new" stuff there!!
    Love the new color pallete–my favs are on it!!

  5. I like the grey cardigan you're wearing with the blouse. I graded papers all day today and hope to at least enter a thrift store sometime on Sunday.

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