Axcess tunic: Kohls
Lee Jeans: Kohls
Target Shoes: Goodwill
Headband: Target

Last week, I wrote a post about JC Penney’s new marketing approach. By the way, if anyone has gone by JCP since they slashed prices for good, please let us know your observations!!

But, that post brought some interesting comments and got me to thinking as to why some of us see retailers so differently. I believe it is a variety of factors which are influencing us as we walk into a store to shop:

1. How much time do we have to spend in the store?

2. How much money do we have to spend?

3. What are our personal-style likes and dislikes?

4. Our size…yes, it matters how we feel about where we shop! (One of the comments was KOHLS does not offer enough petite sizes and that is a legitimate concern for petite women)

5. What kind of mood are we in when entering the store…grumpy, happy, bad day, good day, etc.

6. Do we have any pre-conceived beliefs about the store…it would take a lot for me to change my memory of Sears growing up. I just do not see it as high fashion.  But, Target turned it around beautifully….Jason Wu tomorrow!)

7. Have we had prior good or bad experiences at the store?

8. Quality and variety of merchandise!

Axcess Scarf on clearance for $5!! (Two years ago)
Dana Buchman Bracelet

 One comment on the previous post about KOHLS said that the reader believes KOHLS embellishes every garment. This one baffled me, because some of my most minimal basic designs come from the KOHLS collections by Vera Wang, Dana Buchman, and Jennifer Lopez. All of these designers also have embellished pieces in their KOHLS collections, but like the tunic, I am modeling today, there are many selections which are basic and unadorned. Also, I have found the Lauren Conrad and Elle collections to be a bit more embellished. My Simply Vera long sleeved T shirts are just T Shirts in colors I like with great fit….nothing added. I do enjoy shopping there for many reasons…great offerings, easy access and affordability are at the top of that list.I had some pre-conceived negative ideas which grew in the last two years toward Macy’s, but I am willing to admit that Macy’s has made some positive marketing purchasing and promotion decisions that I like. I am happy to return there as a shopper once again. I also want to encourage the woman in the mirror (meaning me) and all of my readers to be aware of what might or might not influence our perceptions of a retailer and try to keep an open mind. But, we will all have our favorites and that is what makes the fashion world go round!!

She’s  loving Marshalls for these shoes!!!

Are there other factors which may influence how you look at a particular retailer???

Gigi is lovng Chicos for the fabulous jacket she bought on sale!!

Is there anything you would add to the list above??

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