Thinking Young Everyday!

Brown Cardigan: Chicos
JAIPUR Blouse: Marshalls
Green Pencil Skirt: Lane Bryant

There are several things I attempt to do every day which help me feel younger. The list includes:

1. Eat Healthy

2. Move around….and not sit as much

3. Stretch my wardrobe with creativity

4. Meet someone new

I will not pretend to say that I do all of these every day. But, I will tell you that I make a determined effort. Number two is honestly the hardest one right now. Between teaching and blogging and writing, I sit for long periods of time.

I believe seeking ways to meet new people daily is something else that will keep us vibrant and youthful. The easiest way is to meet someone through a blog or Twitter or Face Book. But, I also like to strike up a conversation in line at the grocery or while shopping. I have met some sweet, fascinating people at checkout counters. Since becoming a blogger, I have also met some incredible women in my community just telling their stories and featuring their businesses on the blog.

Life Stride Flats: Stein Mart

Number three is important because I do not have a lot of shopping income, so I have a wardrobe full of separates….which is obvious if you read this blog. You see the same bottoms…whether skirts or pants…over and over again. However, I really attempt never to repeat an outfit. There is so much you can do with a few great neutral pieces surrounded by creativity. It’s fun and it is economical.

Fishnet stockings: Lane Bryant

Now, I would like to introduce you to a new acquaintance I have…Jonathan Pryce.  Jonathan is a British photograher who loves street style shots.  He recently started a blog called Superior Interior – Looking at Style Beyond the Street!

His first film is of Varda Ducovny, an American in Paris, author, psychologist, and woman of incredible style.

See Below: 


  1. I really appreciate your "staying young" tips – I need to work harder on number four, as I tend to keep to myself when out and about. Thanks for the link to Jonathan's website, and the feature on Varda – an incredible woman indeed.

  2. Love the tips!!! I joke that I need a pedometer to track my steps to the bathroom at work!!! It's a jaunt down the hall every hour ( I drink a lot of water!!)
    I LAUGH everyday to keep young. My great-grandma lived to be a couple months shy of 105(and had her mind til the end) and she always said she tried to find the funny side of something everyday to laugh at! She said it kept her from being bitter and having an "old sour disposition"

  3. I agree with Patti that #4 is a great goal — and one I struggle with, too (I'm a bit reserved!) I definitely agree with menopausal supermodel on the laughter idea, though. A healthy does of silliness definitely helps!

  4. I listen to loud 80s music when I work out, since I'm still about 20 in my mind. Another good thing for working out is to watch TV shows or movies with a kickass heroine, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Makes me feel like a teenage superhero!

  5. Hi Pam!

    Gee i missed some posts, i looked at your giveaway, wow! i love the purse
    I love your flats and tights!

    What do i do to keep young!

    I do not take myself seriously, really!
    I am kind of a goof ball!
    I do not judge and i like to discover new things

    Have a good weekend Pam my dearest!

    Ariane xxxx

  6. It is almost impossible not to repeat certain basics in our wardrobe. You have shown us enough outfits that I wouldn't even know if you had repeated. I really like this blouse and the stockings are truly unusual. Here's to meeting someone new today.

  7. So lovely stockings , so parisian.I like how you use your seperates with creativity.I never noticed the same bottoms.That's a good sign.

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