Brown Cardigan: Chicos
JAIPUR Blouse: Marshalls
Green Pencil Skirt: Lane Bryant

There are several things I attempt to do every day which help me feel younger. The list includes:

1. Eat Healthy

2. Move around….and not sit as much

3. Stretch my wardrobe with creativity

4. Meet someone new

I will not pretend to say that I do all of these every day. But, I will tell you that I make a determined effort. Number two is honestly the hardest one right now. Between teaching and blogging and writing, I sit for long periods of time.

I believe seeking ways to meet new people daily is something else that will keep us vibrant and youthful. The easiest way is to meet someone through a blog or Twitter or Face Book. But, I also like to strike up a conversation in line at the grocery or while shopping. I have met some sweet, fascinating people at checkout counters. Since becoming a blogger, I have also met some incredible women in my community just telling their stories and featuring their businesses on the blog.

Life Stride Flats: Stein Mart

Number three is important because I do not have a lot of shopping income, so I have a wardrobe full of separates….which is obvious if you read this blog. You see the same bottoms…whether skirts or pants…over and over again. However, I really attempt never to repeat an outfit. There is so much you can do with a few great neutral pieces surrounded by creativity. It’s fun and it is economical.

Fishnet stockings: Lane Bryant

Now, I would like to introduce you to a new acquaintance I have…Jonathan Pryce.  Jonathan is a British photograher who loves street style shots.  He recently started a blog called Superior Interior – Looking at Style Beyond the Street!

His first film is of Varda Ducovny, an American in Paris, author, psychologist, and woman of incredible style.

See Below: 

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