Zelda Kaplan: Lessons in Visibility

Zelda Kaplan taken by Ari Seth Cohen

I did not know Zelda Kaplan.    But I wish I had. I have read several eulogies of Zelda in the past few days and it’s not the fact that she is the ultimate New Yorker, an incredible style icon, very funny, with overboard energy in her 90s that captures my attention. But, I am taken with the fact that she died at age 95 doing what she loved…sitting on the front row of a fashion show during New York Fashion Week. While sitting in the Fall preview for Joanna Mastroianni’s collection, Zelda quieting slumped over and elegantly died. I would welcome the chance to live until 95 and then pass on doing what I love. But…what would that be..I wondered.

Maybe, I could simply slump over…

1. When surrounded by my family around the Christmas tree opening gifts.

2. Or while attending a Broadway musical

3. Or shopping in Nordstrom’s

4. Or eating lunch with Gigi at a fabulous restaurant

5. Or in a Bed & Breakfast in Fredericksburg, TX

6. Or at a fashion show….but it should be a really fabulous designer!!

7. Or eating ice cream…wait a minute that might actually kill me before 95!!
Jacket: Old Navy
Blouse: Ross
Skirt and Tights: Lane Bryant

These are all things I love. Zelda had an amazing presence about her and it is fitting to have her join me on VISIBLE MONDAY I styled this look with her in mind…bright color, pattern mixing, and big bling! Here’s to you Zelda! Thank you for modeling the courage to be visible everywhere at any time and at any age!!

Bracelet: Chicos
Tie:  Very old, don’t remember where it came from

What would you like to be doing when you are called to the great beyond???

Liz Claiborne Boots: Marshalls

Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in life.”  – Wayne Dyer
Now, go enjoy the other fabulous women having fun with life for VISIBLE MONDAY and the Monday Mingle!!




  1. Adorable… And what an amazing way to pass away. With all the hype surrounding Whitney Houston I didn't hear about the passing of Zelda. What a way to go (can't speak for the people sitting next to her though!). I love this look on you, and the bow is precious. I know I haven't been commenting on your blog like I should be but I will definitely work on that!!

    Love this look!! Plus you look so happy in it!!


  2. Yes, I felt the same way when I read about Zelda's passing – at a fashion show, at age 95! And I adore your list — I could expire at a Broadway musical too, and just be sitting quietly there as everyone else filed out, with a little smile on my face : > Love your look, and thanks for linking up to Visible Monday, my friend!

  3. Zelda has been a great inspiration for you. I love the polka dot tie and the tights! You ask a good question in this post. I will either pass quietly in my beloved sleep (it's beloved because it seems so elusive) or writing in my journal.

  4. If I could be in good health I would not mind living to 95. I would probably be happy to die reading a book, but only if I had read the last word in the book.
    You do look lovely today. I remember that bracelet at Chico's. I thought about getting it, but decided I had way too many rhinestone bracelets. It is gorgeous.

  5. This story, although sad for her passing, it actually made me smile. How wonderful to move on doing what you love. To answer your question. I pray I will have my husband by my side and perhaps we will be sitting on on our cottage porch over looking the water, and enjoying all that we have shared together. Big Hugs xo

  6. Miss Zelda is more than a fashion icon–she's an icon for how to live your life fully. I love the outfit she has on in the picture you posted. So full of life and FUN!!

    I love your Zelda-inspired outfit!!!

  7. It's my life's goal to be just like Zelda if I am fortunate enough to live into my 90's.

    I am gasping at that bracelet! It is magnificent and I adore that neck tie scarf. Just lovely!

    xo, A

  8. I'm not sure how I'd like to leave this world, but I do hope it's quick and painless with the least amount of suffering … maybe taking a picture of a beautiful sunset … yes, that would do for lil ol' me …

    Love your outfit. You're such a stylish gal.

    Have as tunning week.

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