YEA…it’s Wednesday! Anyone who has read this blog for very long knows that I am not afraid of a big, bold print! But, since some of you want a gentle push and since I am attempting to tone things down just a bit, here is one idea….ONLY WEAR ONE BOLD PRINT! If it is on the bottom, then wear a solid neutral on top…if it is one the top, then place the sold neutral on bottom.

Belt: $1 at Goodwill
Bracelet: Attitudes at Stein Mart

Bold Pattern Mixing is usually done by the brave, uber-creative fashionistas and is something many of us attempt eventually. But, if you have print-fear, you might want to try wearing one at a time, before you dive into the more challenging territories.

Jacket: Old Navy
Black Blouse and Skirt: Lane Bryant

I hope some of you have enjoyed the quotes I am sharing from the mystery person I will introduce you to later in the week. Some of the things this person says really inspire me, and today’s quote is perfect for the topic about stepping out of our comfort zones:
“Purpose encourages risk – taking a chance, calling someone for support, reinventing your fashion look – and discovering that the easiest way to recharge your batteries is to just keep setting higher goals.”

In Texas, we love big, bold colors!  Last year, we were in a severe drought at this time and we did not have our usual wildflowers blooming.  But, this year the rain came, and yesterday I caught the first of our bluebonnets, the state flower!!

Does anyone else have ideas for our to best style big, bold, bright prints??

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