Last summer, one reader emailed to ask how I felt about white pants. She (and she is not alone) believes that white pants of any kind make a woman look larger. I honestly do believe that FIT is more important than white and that a great fitting white pant can look very flattering….with that said, I do not presently own a great pair of white pants. I have tried on so many, and none really have the great, flattering fit I am seeking. Once again, there is no reason to fear white apparel and believe it will add pounds to your look….you must try the garment on before the purchase.

Bracelet: Stein Mart Red Dot Sale

I really love white…I love my white blazer and own many different versions of white shirts. Again…it is all about fit. As long as you buy a well- fitting garment, I just do not believe that the color matters. Bring out the white…on top or bottom…and enjoy it for warmer weather!!!

Blazer and Blouse: Stein Mart
Lee Black Denim Jeans: Kohls
Antonio Melanie Flats: Dillards

Today’s quote, from the wonderful person I plan to reveal later, is

“Go out thinking you are the most dazzling creature on the planet. Trust me: A steady stream of self-directed compliments is marvelous to listen to and will put you in the proper mindset to meet interesting and compelling new people.”

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