White…the BIG Issue

Last summer, one reader emailed to ask how I felt about white pants. She (and she is not alone) believes that white pants of any kind make a woman look larger. I honestly do believe that FIT is more important than white and that a great fitting white pant can look very flattering….with that said, I do not presently own a great pair of white pants. I have tried on so many, and none really have the great, flattering fit I am seeking. Once again, there is no reason to fear white apparel and believe it will add pounds to your look….you must try the garment on before the purchase.

Bracelet: Stein Mart Red Dot Sale

I really love white…I love my white blazer and own many different versions of white shirts. Again…it is all about fit. As long as you buy a well- fitting garment, I just do not believe that the color matters. Bring out the white…on top or bottom…and enjoy it for warmer weather!!!

Blazer and Blouse: Stein Mart
Lee Black Denim Jeans: Kohls
Antonio Melanie Flats: Dillards

Today’s quote, from the wonderful person I plan to reveal later, is

“Go out thinking you are the most dazzling creature on the planet. Trust me: A steady stream of self-directed compliments is marvelous to listen to and will put you in the proper mindset to meet interesting and compelling new people.”

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  1. White pants take a more coordinated effort than I can muster. Unlike other things you've can't pop them on over those flowered or dark colored panties. So if I'm standing in front of my closet, as I often do, they have a strike against them if I'm already half-dressed.

  2. A white blazer like yours, yes, I love it! White pants – I have found them so impractical (like Rose said) and they need laundering all the time. So I stick to white tees, knit tops and I do need a white blazer! : >

  3. I've had a pair of white jeans in my summertime rotation for a few years now, but added my last pair to the donation pile with my last closet purge, as they'd yellowed. I don't know if I'll pick up another pair this year, hesitating due to the laundering requirements more than anything else.

  4. I have had my issues with white pants for years..I have blogged about it several times, in fact. I finally got over my fear of white below the waist and now embrace my white jeans, wearing them frequently. It has to do with fit more than anything.

    I have had my eyes on a white blazer for the last few months and I think you have just sold me on purchasing one. You look fantastic in yours!

    By the way, the red necklace arrived Tuesday. I am going to wear it today and post about it soon – probably next week.

    Have a great day! xo, A

  5. I do so love white but I usually don't wear it well, now maybe I will try it again. The white blazer looked so nice, fresh and clean. I am also pinning your quote, I love it! I am hopping from Katherines Corner Blog Hop and having fun today:)

    My Turn (for us)


    Thanks ever so much, I enjoyed the visit.

  6. I have three pairs of white pants because they get dirty so easily. I can't seem to get more than one wear before washing, and sometimes I can't even get out of the house! Still, I love the bright, summery look of white pants with an eye-popping print top. I think your combo with the fitted white jacket is gorgeous, but I'd have the same problem with the jacket – getting it cleaned constantly.

  7. I really don't do any white, at all. Too high maintenance for me! Even if I could keep it clean, I worry that the color will start to "yellow" too quickly. That jacket looks fantastic on you, though. And I can see the practicality of a white jacket — for its comfort in warmer temperatures, the ease of pairing with various colors without overwhelming them, etc.

  8. I have the same issue. I can't find a white pair of jeans or pants that fit me quite right. At some point, maybe I will buy a pair and have them altered to fit me perfectly. That's definitely an option. But for now, I will wear every other color.


  9. I just got some white pants, but I haven't worn them yet. The biggest issue I have is trying to keep the dogs from rubbing on me. That is one sure fire way to get dirty in an instant. I think they have esp and know when I don't want them to rub on me because that is precisely when they want to do it.
    You look great in the white blazer. I have a couple of different white jackets. I like them, but like white jeans they seem to get dirty so quickly.

  10. Ooooo – nice outfit.

    I can't remember the last time i had white pants. I'm always afraid that they will get dirty or I'll spill something on them or I'll sit in something. Plus, my dog is a jumper.

    On other people, I love the look.

    Happy Favorite Things Thursday!

  11. Love this outfit! Makes me want to take my white blazer out of hiding. I've been waiting for it to get warmer, but I guess I could wear it anytime I wanted to if I please.

    You look great in this outfit, and happy! White does seem to brighten up the face.

    Love the Bracelet too..


  12. Oh sweetie. That bracelet is so pretty. You look wonderful ( as always) But white pants for me are an absolute NO! giggle. I wore a pretty white top once and my husband who rarely comments on what I wear said he thought it made me look heavy. I donated it the next day LOL I'm so happy you linked this post to the blog hop today xo

  13. I wear white pants as a staple all of the time, and I love a white suit. I think if you stick with more summery cotton/linens, you can find easier fits. You just need great shoes and accessories;) Look at how sharp you look in your blazer! Great to meet you through Katherine's corner…

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