Dressing for Many Hats!

How many hats do you wear? My number has changed with life transitions…I no longer wear the ones for chauffeur, daily cook, homework tutor, or party planner. But, now I am wearing

High School teacher and mentor

Freelance writer – two local news publications

Fashion journalist and blogger

Wife, mom, friend….

Wearing different hats can often mean dressing for those roles in different ways. When I am on-the-job as a reporter, I really like to wear pants or jeans. That way I can move with ease and bend down for a variety of angles on the photos. I also like to be a bit more stylish or trendy casual. But, when I am teaching M-Th, I need a professional appearance. (Yes, we have casual Fridays).

Jacket: Old Navy
T Shirt, Red Denim: Lane Bryant
Bracelet: Forever 21
Cole Hahn Flats: Marshalls

I wore today’s outfit on a casual Friday when I had to leave school and become a reporter. It was a fun, casual outfit to wear and I could move about easily. I am finding many days when I must look at the hats I wear and make wardrobe decisions based on the assignments ahead. This is new for me…but can still be fun. The challenging days are the ones when I leave one job and must head to another wearing the same look.

A couple of years ago, Lane Bryant handed
out these shirts free one day with a purchase!

How many hats do you have to consider when dressing?

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Happy Tuesday!


  1. It's pretty easy for me at this point… only one hat. Mom and blogger. I can wear pretty much what I want doing blog designs from home. However, I am looking to supplement my income and have been searching for a job which means I will need some dressier clothes. Right now I live in jeans pretty much. xo

  2. Thanks for the mention! I know what you mean about many hats, which is why I've really started demanding more of my wardrobe pieces. Love those red pants on you!

  3. Those red pants..in fact the whole outfit is awesome!!
    I know what you mean by hats. i can usually dress casual for work–but I f i know I have a meeting with a colonel or someone else who is higher up the food chain (LOL) I make sure I step it up to something conservative yet business professional.

  4. You and I are red pant sisters! Aren't they fun? You look great in yours.

    I wear lots of different hats, too. At my volunteer job, I dress professionally for an office. At my winery job, I wear dark colors (wine spills) flat and comfortable shoes and dress casually. In my day-to-day life, I dress up a little more than your average Jane around here, but still casual. It's smart to have pieces that can be worn in each role.

  5. Last week, I decided not to change out of my jewelry-designer jeans and into a nonprofit fundraising suit. I pondered it but decided, "Screw it, I'm not being paid to dress up!" When money is involved, my attitude is different!

  6. i wear lots of different hats, but i dress pretty much the same for them all
    is that a bad thing????
    should i be worried????
    super cute t you have on

  7. Hats are a fun accessory! I have several and will vary depending on sun exposure and event. You look very fashion forward today 🙂

  8. Man, oh, man – black, white and red will never get old! I love the playfulness of the graphic on the t-shirt. I can totally relate when it comes for dressing for many hats. Some days, I end up changing between gigs. Ah, the life of the over-zealous 🙂

  9. Oh, the tee is pretty wonderful! Isn't it great that it served the purpose on one of those days with many hats. I haven't counted my hats lately.

  10. Everything you say is so true. Right now I only wear a couple of hats and wonder how I lived through the 10 hat circus. I guess that's a great perk of being a tich older.
    Your outfit is so lovely. I can see that taking you through all of your "jobs"
    try to stop by for the new trending link up…..All about brights!

  11. Were talking about hats when wearing so many ,

    we should be thinking about the bags under our eyes. 🙂

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