Last summer, one of my former editors went to work at an orphanage in India. She was captivated with the beauty of the Indian people and heart sick over the conditions for the children. Her writing was poignant and powerful ….through it I began to have a heart for the people as well.

So, when Market Place India contacted me about a collaboration which also helps women in India, I did not have to think twice about it! Here is their mission statement straight from the website:

Our Mission

MarketPlace: Handwork of India is an innovative fair trade, not-for-profit organization which combines the experience of running a business with a variety of support programs designed to effect real, meaningful, and lasting change in the lives of low-income women in India. We work with 480 artisans who are organized into 14 independent co-operatives which produce high-quality women’s apparel and home decor. Being in charge of their own businesses, the women learn valuable skills and are able to earn a living and support their families. In addition, programs offer educational and enrichment opportunities designed to help the artisans overcome personal, cultural and financial obstacles. Empowered with independence and self-confidence, these women become agents of change. And they find the courage, with the support of their cooperative members, to fight for what they believe in. Asserting themselves as decision-makers in their families, they have kept their children in school and out of early marriages, thus ensuring them a better future. They have also become social activists, using the skills they have learned in the workplace to improve conditions in their communities. In MarketPlace’s comprehensive and creative organization, economic development is only the first step for these brave and resourceful women.

Tunics are really in this summer… I have seen them everywhere and I love the one sent to me!! The first look I styled might be for work, church, or dinner out.  The second might be for a casual day of shopping or a movie.   Please consider helping these women and order your tunic, or another garment, accessory or even home decor from Marketplace.

Also, they are giving away a $100 gift card on my site as well as with other bloggers this week…so you have multiple opportunities to win one! Such a generous offer!

Here is all you have to do:
 Of course, you must be a follower of over50feeling40; then visit their website and tell me in the comment below what you like!! I will award a winner on April 4!!

Footnote: As of noon on Monday, we were notified that we cannot accept international entries for this giveaway. If you have already entered, I will remove your name.  So sorry!

Great looks for a great cause….no better way to spend a VISIBLE MONDAY!

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