Enjoying Each Experience

When I stop by Starbuck’s for a latte, I never go to the drive thru window. Why? For the experience of the coffee shop!! I love the smells, the people sitting at their tables either deep in conversation or reading a newspaper or transfixed on a lap top screen. It’s the same reason I go to the book store to peruse the fare instead of reading online. It’s the experience.

Jacket: Target
Simply Vera T Shirt: Kohls
Skirt and Tights: Lane Bryant
Brown Flats: Old Navy

So, why would I take time to go to a Blogger Conference in Austin this weekend with mostly younger ladies??  You got it, the experience!! I love the city where I went to college and something jumps inside of me whenever I hit Austin City Limits. Also, one sure fire way to feel younger is to surround yourself with younger, joyful people. I learned this quickly teaching high school. Last year, at this same conference I learned so much from these ladies and from professionals in social media….it was well worth the time.

Bracelet: Kohls

Life is an experience. If we spend it inside, behind a computer screen, or in a chair, we miss out….it goes by far too quickly. My husband and I will begin Saturday morning with a funeral, saying goodbye to a dear friend who was my husband’s second mom. We will end Saturday celebrating the marriage of my daughter’s college roommate. Both will be celebrations. Both will be an experience.

Austin, Here I Come!!

The last quote this week from the mystery author!! It looks like it will be next week when I officially introduce this person to you and I will have a special offer at the same time:

“Get up in the morning and extend yourself. Say hello to everyone you meet – the guys in the elevator, the parking lot attendant, everyone!…..Socialize with lots of different people, oozing enthusiasm!”

Because the next couple of days are so packed, I am not exactly certain when my next post will hit…but I promise to make it ….an experience!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


  1. Me too… I love Starbucks. I always think it would be a fun place to work too. It's the same thing for me w/ Barnes & Noble…. it's why I won't get a kindle or a nook. I enjoy the experience of being there too much. Love the quote and I always say hello to everyone! xo

  2. Wonderful post, Pam. I had a friend who used to say life was worth living just becasue a new flavor of coffee might be coming out this month, and it might be *great*! You do have a warm, natural enthusiasm for life that is very contagious. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  3. Have a wonderful time in Austin! I have found that new experiences are what keep me charged up and enthusiastic. Unfortunately almost all of the bookstores here have closed… 🙁

  4. What beautiful sentiments…I couldn't agree more with all of them! Enjoy you conference my dear! Kudos for you for jumping in with the young ones, being your age I know sometimes it takes gumption, but I also know the pay off is large! Thank you so for visiting my blog and your very kind comments!

  5. Such a great reminder, Pam. I am very sorry to hear about your family friend's passing.

    Have a wonderful time at the conference – will you be wearing that outfit? I think it's beautiful. I can't believe that jacket is from Target! What a find!

    Big hugs,

  6. You look fantastic Pam, and that jacket is a find. Also a delightful find is the reminder that life is about "the experience." Thank you for this reminder in your effusive and joyful way. I wish you loads of fun in Austin, and wish many celebrations for you!

  7. Pam you are an inspiration to me. I am a 42 year old mom and love the fact that you make an effort to look put together everyday. I love how you push your creativity within your budget. It makes me try a little harder too.

    I'm so glad you are going to a blogger conference with younger girls, because those girls need role models like you.

  8. You look beautiful in the vibrant jacket. I love your take on experience. The entirety of life! Looking forward to hearing about what you learn at the blogger conference!

  9. Your Saturday sounds like it will be a day of extremes. You're repping all of us "mature" women at this conference. Would love to hear your talk.

  10. So sorry to hear of your loss Pam….it sounds like a busy weekend indeed.
    I do the SAME thing….I love Starbucks….I go inside every time!!!

    I have been super busy on a project I have been working on with Chloe…it is now complete:)

    Blog reveal coming this week:)

  11. I love Starbucks coffee and the pleasing aroma when you walk in…
    I wish you tons of new and exciting experience this weekend in Austin!
    As always, thank you for inspiring messages!


  12. Great attitude! Seize the day, try something new, keep pushing your boundaries… well done! I hope you have a great time at conference.


  13. I always go through the drivethrough at Starbucks (whenever there is one) but your post made me recall how opening the door and breathing in that coffee aroma is also part of the experience.

  14. I'm not a fashion blogger, or a fashion expert, however, I also went to Texas Style Council for experience. I figured I can learn something new by surrounding myself with a group of people who are subject matter experts.

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