Necklaces…The Wrinkle Zappers!

Necklace: Apt. 9 Goldtone Snakeskin at Kohls

Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles. ~Sonja Henie

I have used this quote before…but it’s worth bringing back!! There are so many fun necklaces on the markets right now they would make anyone forget about exfoliating!

Yes, I shot this right off the TV when I saw her necklace!!  Loved it!
This is Isis Romero, anchor, of KSAT TV.

I am loving the graphic styles; the multi-layer strands; mixing up of short and long; mixed metals! I keep all of my necklaces in zip lock bags in a huge hat box. Rarely do I get rid of one and that is why I have so many…a couple are from the late 1970s!!

Cardigan and Travelers Cami: Chicos
Skirt: Lane Bryant

Recently, I confessed that I am toning my accessories down. Really, all I am doing is wearing more stud earrings…or very small ones. I was convicted last summer that long earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, all at the same time, are just too much for me.

Nicole Shoes: Marshalls

I also am leaning lately toward long necklaces because they do elongate your total look and I believe are slimming.

In the past year, my favorite jewelry stops are KOHLS, CHICOS, INPINK.COM, and consignment shops!

But if jewelry really does take our minds off of wrinkles….I might be adding to that list!!  What’s currently your favorite style of necklace?

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!

Just a note: You may have noticed that yesterday I switched my URL to a dot com address!  While this is exciting, for some
reason my blog list did not transfer.  It might take me some time
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  1. Your necklace and bracelet look BEAUTIFUL on you, Pam – and I love the theory about them detracting from wrinkles, maybe I'm subconsciously doing that from head to toe with the way I dress!!

    Oh and I must pick your brains about a dot com address… I have a dotcom url but it always switches to the blogspot url – do you already know a link where it explains how to do this? I've followed the Blogger instructions but it really messed things up and confused me 🙁

    Catherine x

  2. Hi Pam,

    It does take time for the URL to transfer but just so you know it worked perfectly fine for me this morning so I think it's all set.
    I have never heard of In Pink so I will have to check it out! I love the comment that jewelry distracts from wrinkles! Neck wrinkles are the worse! (Using cream on neck too)!! I usually just wear a a diamond necklace which has special meaning to me, it was a gift from someone special.

    Deb xo

  3. Love your outfit and the shoes are adorable!!
    I used to be necklace phobic–I now am amassing a collection-mostly thrifted or vintage. I prefer ones up nearer my neck. Anything that hangs long gets stuck between the boobage or spreads out and does the not so attractive "hook a boob" look.

  4. Pam, we are sooooo simpatico on the necklaces! I find myself drawn to long dramatic necklaces. And, like you, I don't mix dramatic necklace, bracelets and earrings. If I wear large earrings, I keep the neck pretty clean and vice versa. I also share your accessories philosophy. With too much, I feel overwhelmed! Hugs to you!!! ~Serene

  5. I love the idea of storing your jewelry inventory in a hat box. Another expression of your creativity. The necklace that you're wearing is a stunner and the brown cardigan emphasizes your beautiful hair. I tend to focus on bracelets and earrings, but checking out my necklace collection would be a fun change.

  6. Pam, I really love your simple and elegant look today. I think you have the right idea about letting your statement pieces carry the look, and not have too many competing elements.

  7. Pam, that is an incredibly elegant necklace, and I do agree that it is elongating, which I never thought about before with jewelry. I also rarely wear statement earrings and necklaces together, it just feels like too much clutter on me – but I'm also pretty short. My diamond studs are my go-to with a statement necklace.

  8. I always go back and forth on the jewelry thing. Sometimes less is more! But now I have a ton of necklaces so i better wear them!

  9. I had never stopped to think about the elongating quality of a necklace though I have always preferred longer rather than shorter necklaces. Congrats on the switch to .com. Rags is showing up on your list. Thanks for including me.

  10. I did not notice the change of address. Good for you!
    I have to be careful with long necklaces. Some can hit at the wrong place on my body and emphasize the roundness rather than elongating.
    I think I am not wearing as much jewelry as I did when I worked. I made a special effort then to have on a statement necklace most every day. Now it just doesn't seem as important. I still wear them, but not as much.
    Love your jewelry!

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