Harpers Bazaar: April Issue a Must! (And A Fabulous Winner)

“One of the big changes of my life of late is that I am so much more profoundly appreciative of this world. The joy that comes from a gorgeous moment – and having the brains to know that it is time to stop and admire. Certain kinds of beauty, whether riding in on a child’s smile or a shaft of moonlight on a pond wait for no woman. How many of those simple, banal moments did I take for granted when I was young? I always figured there were plenty more to come.”

-WHY I LIKE GETTING OLDER? By Dominique Browning, April 2012 Harper’s Bazaar

Have you seen the new Harpers Bazaar? If not, go buy one today! I  think you will enjoy the April fare!  First of all, the magazine looks fabulous…they have made some design changes, which completely work. But, more importantly, there are many articles for women ages 40+. I loved this issue and how many features I felt were written with us in mind. The quote above is from one article written by Dominique Browning, author and blogger.

Others included:

1. Secrets of Ageless Women – featuring advice from women such as Donna Karan, Iris Aprel, and Iman

2. Anti-Age Your Body : A feature about what actually causes aging and ways to delay the process. My favorite quote came from Physician Hilary Tindle, researcher at the Pittsburg Mind-Body Center, “We’ve seen that increased optimism and forgiveness can lower blood pressure and heart rate, and reduce depression which helps tamp down overall inflammation.

3. Ageless Beauty: feature introducing a new documentary about legendary models. China Machado, 82, says she was born a model! Christie Brinkley, 58, said, “I’ve had a long career even though for the last 25 years the press has referred to me as the former supermodel. It’s like JEEZ, give a girl a break. They called me that when I was making a very nice living as a model, even before I branched out. A few things have changed in modeling. For one, we can become brands now. Before, you were just a girl, or a clothes hangar, but now you have a name. You are a real person which is nice.”

I am still a little intimidated by Christie Brinkley, because she is  my age…but she also inspires me!

Cardigan and blouse: Chicos
Pants: Jennifer Lopez Straight Leg Pants at Kohls

Necklace is from Target, a few years back
Bracelets: Various places

Finally, you’ll find at the back their FABULOUS AT EVERY AGE segment and for those of us in our 50s, it is all about wearing coral! “Color your look with a cache of coral pieces!” So for today, I did just that.

Life Stride Sandals from Ross

 I was pleasantly surprised at the fit of these pants at KOHLS from Jennifer Lopez Straight Leg Pants. They look and feel great and with coupons….very reasonable!

Go buy your magazine and have a great Tuesday evening. Remember, FASHION STAR ON NBC is on tonight at 9PM!
It is interesting to see what the buyers purchase for actual sales in the actual stores!

Macy’s window at the Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio!


Bessie at Bravoe Runway

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. I'll have to pick up the Harpers Bazaar when I'm out and about today; thanks for the tip. I love the coral, and your pants look light and comfortable too. Will you be able to wear them into the summer there?

  2. I love this olive green on your toe nails.I think for haprer's bazaar this is a revolutionary article.We stert putting pressure and magazines start reffering to us.

  3. I'll have to pick HB up!! Spent some relaxing time looking through InStyle last nite and got lots of ideas!!
    Love your outfit!!! The Jennifer Lopez stuff is nice–wish she'd branch into plus sizes.
    you're right about coral–I love the color and it's SO flattering!!

  4. Congrats to Bessie! Love the wood bangles you're wearing here. And we've reached the point, Pam, where every time I go to Kohl's, I think of you and your coupons. (I just scored a fun giraffe print laptop/tote bag there! With coupons, of course).

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words! I loved writing that article, it really made me think about what I liked–instead of what was driving me nuts (like the creaky joints in the morning….) Trying to dwell IN the positive these days! I haven't even seen the issue yet, so your blog was my notification that the story, and the redesign, are out!

  6. you convinced me, too, to buy HB – and I haven't bought a fashion mag in a decade or so! You look fab, Pam, and I love that necklace.

  7. Pam, thank you so much for hosting this wonderful giveaway! I am absolutely excited to receive the book, and I love Harper's Bazaar! I get a lot of fashion inspiration, and their fabulous at every age segment each month is something that my Mom and I look forward to discussing! All the best to you as you continue to blog on over 50 feeling 40 😉 You inspire us to remember that age is only a number that how we truly feel is most important.

  8. I just got my Harper's Bazaar yesterday. I love the Fabulous at Every Age section. It's one of my favorite features in that magazine. I also like the new design and the fact that it's slightly bigger. XO, Jill

  9. I see someone noted in the reviews at Kohl's that those pants are not for the skinny of hip. Too bad you skinny of hip girls!

    I'm going to check them out.

  10. Pam, your outfit today is perfect! The colors complement, the fit is terrific, just enough accessories…you look wonderful!!!
    I don't usually buy magazines anymore, but will definitely check this one out!


  11. Congrats to Bessie! I'm going to see if I can track down this magazine. Now that my local Borders is closed, finding magazines is getting harder to do. I love the Target necklace.

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