When thinking about what to style
for Visible Monday, sometimes the question becomes…exactly how visible do I
want to be?
I really like this outfit a lot.  I feel like a woman (to coin a cliché) and I
feel beautiful in it.  But you might be surprised
to also know that I probably would not wear it out anywhere…without a small
Dress:  Lane Bryant
Top:  Chico’s
I have never felt comfortable in
low-cut attire…in fact, I really watch how much the “girls” show.   My low comfort level may come from where I
was raised…Southern, conservative, Texas towns.   But, it also comes from the desire to
control what I communicate with my clothing.  
Though a major city, San Antonio is also a small community.  I rarely go out without running into someone
I know.  As a high school teacher, like
it or not, I am a role model to my students.
Bracelet: Premiere Jewelry
I also think my lack of comfort
comes from the size of these “girls.” 
Believe me, I am not bragging…I often wish they were smaller!  As I age, I have become a bit more courageous
with what I wear out.  But, for now, this
look is strictly for VISIBLE MONDAY (and Mr. B)!   We each have to find our own comfort levels
and decide what our communications will be….mine is not necessarily what yours
is…I recognize that…and even applaud the courageous!
CL by Laundry Sandals: Ross
Now, for the big announcement!!  The winner of the gorgeous Soft Surroundings blouse is the stunning Cindy Swanson of Notes in the Key of Life!!  Congratulations Cindy…you should hear from
Soft Surroundings soon!!
Happy Monday everyone… hope you
will return tomorrow for Jill and Adrienne’s scarf collaboration…I am still
baffled that they want me to select ONE favorite scarf…how is that possible??
Now, head over to Patti’s Visible Monday and Monday Mingle to
see the great looks!!  And have a fabulous week!!

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