Vitality: The Essence of Your Soul

Happy Saturday, all!  Hope everyone survived Friday the 13th!  Unfortunately, I have to work at school all
day today as next year’s students come to sign up for fall classes….so if you
are doing something phenomenally fun today, let us live through you and tell us
about it!
I did spend a little time yesterday
learning more about Valerie Ramsey the author of Gracefully Looking And Being
Your Best At Any Age.

Valerie Ramsey

Aside from all of her
accomplishments, she has also survived two serious confrontations with
illness.  You would never know this from
looking at her beautiful hair, skin, and smile!

After watching a couple of Valerie’s interviews, these are the stand out quotes:

Life is not about how many breaths we take, but how many moments take
our breath away.

Isolate the things that give you joy and fulfillment.
 Strive to look and feel you your best everyday
Go to where your passions and your interests are
What you want next is already yours!
Be in the race!
Formulate a plan – how are you going to get there? 

Graphic T: Goodwill (Highway 281@Bitters), $2.99
Jacket: Old Navy
Denim Skirt: Lane Bryant

OK…so far, here are two things I’ve learned from her book:

1. Drink a glass of water first thing every morning.
2. Vitality is the essence of your soul: it drives who you are  and where you are going.  When your vitality level runs high, you’re able to make friends in a room full of strangers.

$3.00 Ballet Flats at Garment Exchange Consignment
How’s your vitality??


  1. Look at that smile….you could light up Chicago…….

    Darling Pam, we are ONLY GETTING WISER AND MORE BEAUTIFUL, AREN'T WE????????? I too drink water FIRST THING in the morning and today I am drinking a second after my breakfast. LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts for they keep us in rhythm with LIFE and encourage us to carry on FORWARD!

    Be well gorgeous! Anita

  2. ok, love THE TEE! and really like the quotes. It is true to drink a glass of good ole h2o it seems to curb my appetite and make me feel better and my skin is also better as well!
    I am so proud of your blog. How do you do it? Well, of course you are so informative and that's what women of our demo. seem to like. Maybe i should take a replenishing writing course! (I kinda get lost in my thoughts) – that would be a great post on 'how to make dialouge work for your blog' or a similar topic. You'd do it well!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Dearest Pam –
    I LOVE the theme of your blog – "Strength, Confidence and Joy." It is what I believe in with all my heart and the basis for the many speeches that I give. Your post today is so lovely. Thank you!
    I think it's wonderful that you are a teacher. My husband has been in education all of his life and now in his late 70's is still very involved as an educational consultant.. Good for you! Where and what do you teach?
    Again – thank you so much for posting about Gracefully. I have let Heather know about your blog as she has one too and will enjoy reading yours.

  4. What a fun tee! I'm feeling a bit more ragged than anything these days, but still very much looking ahead with great joy and anticipation. I hope that once we're finally done with our home project and have everything put back in order, much of my energy will be restored. (We're almost there; now just some painting and finish work remains!)

  5. I drink barely any water, I use to but it just got less and less, guess I need to get back into it! I drink LOTS of ice tea! Love Valerie's quotes.

  6. Great top! I'd LOVE to find one just like it. You scored on that one.
    Love the quotes you included on this post. I definitely feel most vital when I have a few things in my life that draw on my creativity. Have a great weekend!

  7. An interesting idea, a printed T with a nice jacket. Great idea, have to try it next fall. If you are not in a classroom, which stays cold in most any season, Texas summers are too hot for many clothes as you know since you are a Texas gal too.

  8. your are always introducing to us such tough and self-assured women, thank you for that,it is so motivating. by the way very nice shoes!

  9. Love that T-shirt! I need to remember to grab a glass of water in the a.m. I'm always stumbling toward the coffee pot first. I'm giving my vitality a thumbs up. Room for improvement though.

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