Never Believe, Think, or Act Old!

Payless Shoes….Very Comfortable!

reading a new book, Gracefully Looking and Being Your Best at Any Age, by Valerie Ramsey.  I hope to be able to
glean some wisdom from it and share it here soon.   Valerie raised six children, entered the
corporate world in her fifties, and became a fashion model at 68!
Susan Lucci of All My Children fame wrote the FORWARD and some of my favorite quotes are:
are not meant to live our lives bathed in fear and doubt.”
you are in your twenties or sixties or nineties, my conviction is to never
believe, think, or act as though you are old.”
like me, believes that by staying physically, mentally, and spiritually fit, we
are better prepared for our own individual adventure.”
message on the pages of this book will inspire you to live life without
limitations.  Everyone has a dream, and
it doesn’t have to be about acting or modeling. It is about what makes you as
an individual whole and happy.”
Necklace and bracelet from INPINK JEWELRY!
I get so many compliments on these….thanks INPINK!

will let you know how it goes as I read more!

Jacket: Chico’s Sale!
Traveler’s Blouse: Chico’s
Lee Slimming Black Denim: KOHLS
I changed the pants, shoes, and necklace to change up
my original styling of this jacket!
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you don’t know by now, I am very proud to be a born and bred Texan.  So, for something different today, I wanted
to share with you a few pictures from our majestic Texas Hill Country… where
springtime is the best time to stop by!   The entire hill country area includes
charming little towns sprinkled throughout rolling hillsides and shimmering
lakes found around and about Austin and San Antonio. 
During spring, the wildflowers really put on
show and this year is especially sweet, since we are coming out of a long
drought with little vegetation around.
Texan has their favorite hill country village. 
Mine is Fredericksburg with its German influences, vineyards, small town
charm, and great boutique shopping.  I
think my favorite wedding anniversary was spent in a Bed & Breakfast there…it
is the only time we spent the night and actually had two days in town.
husband and sons join Willie Nelson with a love for Luckenbach,TX…it has
become a mecca for country music/blue grass festivals….but, for me??…I need fun shopping and cute restaurants!!  
hope you enjoyed a small peek into the countryside.  


  1. Valerie's book sounds like it contains some excellent thoughts, I am looking forward to learning what you have gleaned from it. Most of the time I forget that I am over 60 (until I look in the mirror or my back is acting up). You are a great inspiration to women! The Texas countryside is gorgeous!

  2. The photos are so beautiful – you really bring Texas to us, in the most charming ways. Your outfit is wonderful too – I'm looking for a neutral, drapey topper similar to yours, for the always-chilly office!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I've been to Austin and San Antonio several times on business and absolutely loved both cities, but I've never had time to enjoy the countryside. Thank you for sharing these beautiful vistas with us.

  4. I'd love to see more of texas! Also i invite you to join in the new group 'midwest fashion/beauty bloggers! (is texas mid-west?) anyhoo, have a faboo weekend!
    I'd love to win a new blouse,too!

  5. Fantastic. This is definitely how I try to live my life. When I start to think that I'm old, I start to think I can't do all the things that I do. And when I let that go, I am strong and capable and can do anything. It's all in the mind. Strange but true. I might have to pick up this book.

    You look fab in that tan sweater. Love the whole outfit.


  6. well, i can certainly say that i don't act old….
    congrats on the new sponsor, sounds exciting!
    love Fredricksburg and have a photo of son1 in those bluebonnets when he was 1!
    so lovely

  7. Love your outfit, especially the leopard print flats. They're perfect!

    For a minute I was like "Goodwill SA? South Africa??" but I was wrong, haha. My husband's family is partly from Houston (Key West & Detroit are the other cities they're from). I've only been there once, but I quite enjoyed myself. I was surprised by how green it was (clueless Seattlite!). Not as green as the pictures you've posted, tho! What a beautiful place. I would love to go there someday.

  8. Thanks for the recommendation on the book. I have put it on hold at my library. Love the outfit, especially the shoes. Your chunk of the US is very pretty. This will be my daughter's first summer in Texas so we'll see how she likes the hot weather.

  9. Congrats Pam for the new sponsor!
    I doubled the circulation on my blog this month!
    Love the pics of your area
    Your shoes rock Pam!
    Have a great weekend

    Ariane xxxx

  10. Hi Pam!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful post about my book, Gracefully – Looking & Being Your Best at Any Age. It was such a delightful surprise to read that you had blogged about it, and my daughter, Heather Hummel (she co-wrote Gracefully with me) and are most appreciative of your kind words about it. Thank you!!!
    I hadn't known about your blog before but am so happy to know about it now. Your photos are beautiful – so peaceful and full of the beauty of nature. And of course I love your attitude on the subject of "Over Fifty – Feeling Forty."
    If there's ever any way that I can contribute to what you are doing along those lines, please let me know. I live in Florida now but speak and do radio and TV shows all over the country. By the way, you may not have seen it, but I think you would enjoy the segment I recently did on the TODAY Show called Ageless Beauty. I'll attach the link to it for you and your readers


    Again, Thank you Pam for posting about Gracefully!

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