Accessories…Sometimes Not A Choice But A Necessity!

HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYONE.  I have a very special deal for you today! 
I am certain there are many of you
like me….you just cannot exist without your eyeglasses!  Mine are not just the reader “find-a-million-pair-at-the-grocery-store” glasses.  Mine are the serious progressive lenses
“I-am-blind-without-them” glasses!!  As a
lover of fashion, it is quite frustrating that my frames are so expensive and
it is very hard to find quality, fashionable cheap glasses.  
You know that I love accessories.  I have tons of scarves, bracelets, and
necklaces…but, I have not been able to afford more than one pair of glasses.
Until now!  I am pleased to introduce you to GLASSESUSA.COM !  This company is an
answer to accessory-boredom!  They make
it possible to own more than one pair with amazing prices and great selections.
Also, they have this cool feature, Virtual Mirror Feature, where you can
download a picture of yourself and actually see what the frames will look like
on your face…this could be fun from the kitchen table!  Once you
select the frames, then you just need to send them the eyeglasses prescription and soon you will have your new glasses. 
You might also want to check out their trendy sunglasses while you are
on their site.

Now, for all you who follow
over50feeling40, here is an amazing special MEMORIAL DAY SALE and this is a
great way to add to your glasses accessory:

Take 50% off+ free shipping for all
orders. Code: MEMORIAL2012
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prescription glasses.  Code:  Blog10
Super deals, girls!  Check them out today on FaceBook and Twitter @GlassesUSA…remember,
your fabulous accessories must include your eyeglasses!!

Have a relaxing, fun, safe, holiday weekend.

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  1. If I'm awake, I'm wearing my glasses! They are such an important accessory. I wonder how they're able to determine the vertical point at which your progression needs to start?

  2. This sure beats the $200 – $300+ for a pair of eyes you can't do without and get tired of wearing before you feel justified in replacing. Good question déjà pseu.

  3. How fun! I sooo need a new pair, but my prescription is out of date, so i bumble along with contacts and readers most days 😉
    I can't wit to wee what you pick!

  4. Oh, I can't believe how expensive glasses are! I go to those "$48 a pair" places and somehow end up paying over $600 after they add my progressive lenses and everything else. Horrible!
    I've been afraid to try an online supplier because I don't know how they would map the lenses to my eyes like they do at the optometrist. Have you tried Glasses USA yourself? I would love to do that if other people have had good experience with them.

  5. I have been wearing glasses just over a year now. I choose a mans design, it was from their basic collection, but look as though it from a designer collection

  6. I am with you on accessories, and I can feel the need for glasses creeping up on me. I don't know how I will ever choose a style. It seems overwhelming. Thank you for being a true blogging friend, Pam, I just read a great post by Sacramento (did you see it?) and it's making me realize how much I value your blogging friendship. Have a great holiday weekend, my dear Pam! XO, Jill

  7. PAM MY DEAR!!!

    Oh, I have a pair of TITANIUM FRAMES that can go on and on and on….I just get new lenses! But you are wonderful to give us these options because glasses are so expensive! We can adorn ourselves on the cheap with jewels but glasses are a bit overpriced!

    Thank you so much for coming by to visit. I cannot wait to see what you show for Paris! FASHION, WHATEVER!!! Anita

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