HAPPY FRIDAY, EVERYONE.  I have a very special deal for you today! 
I am certain there are many of you
like me….you just cannot exist without your eyeglasses!  Mine are not just the reader “find-a-million-pair-at-the-grocery-store” glasses.  Mine are the serious progressive lenses
“I-am-blind-without-them” glasses!!  As a
lover of fashion, it is quite frustrating that my frames are so expensive and
it is very hard to find quality, fashionable cheap glasses.  
You know that I love accessories.  I have tons of scarves, bracelets, and
necklaces…but, I have not been able to afford more than one pair of glasses.
Until now!  I am pleased to introduce you to GLASSESUSA.COM !  This company is an
answer to accessory-boredom!  They make
it possible to own more than one pair with amazing prices and great selections.
Also, they have this cool feature, Virtual Mirror Feature, where you can
download a picture of yourself and actually see what the frames will look like
on your face…this could be fun from the kitchen table!  Once you
select the frames, then you just need to send them the eyeglasses prescription and soon you will have your new glasses. 
You might also want to check out their trendy sunglasses while you are
on their site.

Now, for all you who follow
over50feeling40, here is an amazing special MEMORIAL DAY SALE and this is a
great way to add to your glasses accessory:

Take 50% off+ free shipping for all
orders. Code: MEMORIAL2012
Take 10% off any order of
prescription glasses.  Code:  Blog10
Super deals, girls!  Check them out today on FaceBook and Twitter @GlassesUSA…remember,
your fabulous accessories must include your eyeglasses!!

Have a relaxing, fun, safe, holiday weekend.

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