No matter how much pressure you
feel at work, if you could find ways to relax for at least five minutes every
hour, you’d be more productive.  –
Dr. Joyce Brothers
It would be a tall order for me to
find a way to relax for five minutes every hour of work.  I fear I would end up stressing out about relieving
stress!  However, ask me to focus on
relaxing during a weekend or at the end of a school semester or over school
holidays…then I am all in!
Gigi and I took time to relax today
and it was truly amazing!  Readers of
this blog know that I often mention purchasing items with gift cards.  The truth is we work with some amazing
parents who are generous with teacher gifts. 
Today, we headed off to a local spa with gift cards which read….Good for
one hour of relaxation
!  Oh yeah, I am so
In fact, spa d’sante was voted a
Readers Choice Award by the San Antonio Express News for the favorite spa!  We now know why.  It was a fabulous one hour relaxation
massage.  The technician working with
Gigi knew immediately by touching her neck that she struggles with migraines
and trouble sleeping.  The sweet woman
working on me knew that I was on the computer most of my day just from working
on my shoulders and hands.  She
recommended an exercise and attention to posture.   They asked no questions, just knew these
things from working on our tight-knit bodies…and I don’t mean fabulously fit kind!
The only downside was that they
made us leave!  It was hard to go into
the hot sun and bright light… now, hours later, I still feel amazing.  What a perfect way to go into my twelve days
off…which begins tomorrow!
Has anyone else found massage to be
the answer to some of your other health issues??  Tell us about what you learned!
Also, have a wonderful Wednesday
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I just have to say how grateful I am for every reader, every follower….from new ones to friends made around the world.  You are all very dear to me and I appreciate your support in so many ways.  Thank you for your encouragement from the bottom of my heart!  Blessings!

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