Does It Work or Is It Just About the Shoes?

The Friday before a three day
weekend is not the best time to go to the grocery store.  I know that, but last Friday chose to ignore my own wisdom, and join in
with the long lines of briskets, charcoal, and beer; though all I really needed
were a few staples.  I ended up looking
at three magazines while I waited in the checkout line.
Since, I am on the hunt for some
inspiration for casual summer styles, one look jumped out at me because I had
all of the pieces in my closet.  I styled
it…took the pictures…but I really do not think it works and here is why…THE TOP
professional style and shoved casual Friday on the bottom.  My photographer, Mr. B, said, “Oh I get it,
this outfit is all about the shoes!”
Well, it wasn’t …but maybe it
should be!  I like the shoes!  Sometimes inspiration looks just do not
work! Anyone disagree or agree for that matter!  If it doesn’t work, what would make it work??
Today is my last day at work for this school year. I received so many great ideas for my low-cost, low-key twelve days off and I plan to implement several.  I started this past weekend with Terri’s advice.  Within her comment, she said, “…For the first three days I didn’t make myself conform to ANY time frame. I let myself sleep as late as I wanted, and then took at nap!…” 
That was my Memorial Day weekend, sleeping, napping, and reading a romantic, mystery thriller.  So, Wednesday, I will begin with “On the 12th Day of Vacation” posts.  Hope you will check in to see whose advice I follow.  Make sure you register to win the esahkti giveaway and have a fabulous Tuesday!
Til then, I thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures of my youngest son arriving to spend the summer with his sister and brother-in-law in Saipan…summer on an island?? Not too shabby!
Saipan beaches …courtesy of NPR.


  1. Pam–I'm studying the outfit, but it might take a heel on the fabulous sandals to make it work. Glad you got caught up on your sleep…and I'm jealous of your son! I'll bet you are too.

  2. Hi, My thoughts are: It's the pants that jump out at me – the blue looks too bright for the browns/greens. Having said that try a smaller double roll on the pants & a lighter coloured top. Kind Regards, C.

    1. As I reread what I said above, I thought to myself, "Who do I think I am critiquing anyone else's outfit?" I was really uncomfortable with it. So I have to say, Pam, you always look very put together and I read you every day to see what surprises you have for us. I have been trying to "shop my closet," using my wardrobe pieces in different ways without purchasing. And that is what I was doing with the pieces you put together. I could see my tan capris with your jacket and shirt and my moccasin-like espadrilles, too. Thank you for sharing your style with us.

  3. Love your shoes. They will go perfect with one of your gorgeous skirts.You have legs that should be flaunt.
    Wonderful childres.

  4. Those are great shoes! maybe a peasant top, tank with scarf or something 'flowy' for the top if you seek a more casual look. I love peasant tops with vests or jackets on top!

  5. I can imagine that look in a magazine.
    It's got kind of an urban thing going.

    It doesn't look like a I'm going to be outside in 90 degree heat outfit!

  6. The jeans are too blue/too new for me. Would like them to be faded.

    The sandals are too bulky for my taste and they just HAVE to rub your feet, surely!

    But I like the look. I like it a lot and only picked holes in it because you asked us to. Frankly it's great.

  7. I'm going to go a different direction and say I think it is the jacket that doesn't make it work. It makes it look like a cool weather outfit and not one for sandals. No jacket or a lighter and more summery one might be the solution.

  8. All of us have had misses that we thought would be hits. Your articles of clothing are great alone. I think the jacket and the shoes are not friends. The jacket says fall and winter. The shoes say spring and summer.. Wear shoes that you would wear in the fall, you will have a great outfit. Change the color and texture of the jacket, you have a great spring outfit. Great post! It made us think!

  9. Pam, if there were one thing I would change it would be to pair the outfit with a white or pale cream loose fitting tee. That would make it more casual to me. I'd also pair it with a necklace that had wooden beads or a long necklace. (I have been loving long necklaces here lately and plan to show some on my blog soon.)

  10. Hi Pam!
    I actually like this look! Definitely what I would wear. I agree with Debbie…the only thing I would change would be the top…a plain white t-shirt is what I would have worn. Other than that, it looks wonderful!
    What a nice way to spend the summer!


  11. the shoes are so great
    i do agree that the top and bottom don't match
    i think you need a lighter pair of pants as in lighter in fabric and color
    the shoes….keepers!

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