Something Different Friday: Versona!

Come help me!!  This was the plea from my friend, Karen.  She needed another opinion when selecting
accessories for her Mother of the Groom outfit for a June wedding.  She has purchased a beautiful navy dress from
Nordstrom’s…lovely silver shoes from Macy’s…and owns gorgeous diamond
studs.  So, she wanted to save on a
necklace, bracelet, and bag for the night.
She knew exactly where she wanted
to shop and I had not been to the store yet, so off we headed to VERSONA.  Versona is fairly new to San Antonio (opened
last October), and I have not had an opportunity to stop by.  I can tell you…I will be stopping by often
now.  Two big words: TRENDY and
AFFORDABLE!  I purchased two birthday
gifts and one fun necklace for myself…all for $31!! 
The sale racks are really sale racks….I found a
necklace I loved for $6.99, and I bought my daughter an adorable, leopard print
dress for $9.99!! 
Versona is sensory overload….so
much to see…make sure you allow the time to take it all in!  Shoes, belts, scarves, and some clothing….the
displays are so much fun!  I highly
recommend you check it out!  And, if you
worry, that all of it is over-the-top, Karen found some simple, classic jewelry
to compliment her wedding ensemble!  She
is going to give the Mother of the Bride serious competition!!


  1. It looks like a lovely place to be.I love accessories myself and tha shoes on the first picture grabbed my attention.I hope you didn't buy any more scarves.Did you? Confess.

  2. I think I was there whenever you guys were shopping around for the wedding on Wednesday. I agree, Versona is very affordable, and they do have a lot of trendy jewelery and clothes. I'm glad you have found everything for the wedding.

  3. Versona just opened recently around the corner from where I live and I'm with you! The store is fantastic! So much eye candy, it's hard to choose!

  4. We don't have Versona in Chicago so I hope this arrives! It looks like it's larger than Francesca and the lay-out is somewhat like Charming Charlie's! Great selections!

  5. we got a versona right around thanksgiving and it just happens to be right across the street from my neighborhood…. very dangerous
    i like to check out the copy cat stuff they have from other specialty retailers!!

  6. I am still in awe of the prices……I have just started shopping stateside again because you can get so much more! Love your photos & those heels are fabulous!

  7. Looks like fun! We have Charming Charlies here… dangerous place to be! Would love to visit Versona. Looks like the closest one is about 12 to 15 hour drive. Road trip!!

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