It’s been 21 days since I began to
once again make lifestyle changes to improve my health, and though the progress
is slow….I am pleased.  Of those days,
there have only been three that I did not exercise at all.  I have lost a few pounds, though I wish it
was more…at least we are going in the right direction.  Clothes are fitting just a little better!
I am walking for my daily
exercise.  Since I began teaching summer
school, I have started to walk for twenty minutes in the mornings when it is
cool.  On the weekends, I do a 45 minute
walk.  I’m also doing some light weight
work for my arms.
I am really, really attempting to
watch the carbs I eat.  Unfortunately,
everything I love involves carbs….but if I fall of the wagon, I just get up and
get right back on again.  Even when I
cheat, it is not really severe cheating like eating a half gallon of ice cream
or a pan of macaroni and cheese! 
Although the ice cream idea has entered my head!
I do feel much, much better.  When I began, I was exhausted and my bones
just ached.  I was very concerned about
the overall aching of my joints and bones. 
But, since beginning the regular exercise and better eating habits, the
pains have really gone away!  So, my
advice to anyone with the same aches?? 
GET MOVING!!!  The more we move the
Clothes are fitting slightly better!
Jacket: Stein Mart
Travelers Blouse: Chicos
Red denim: Lane Bryant
Thanks to all of you with the
support and sweet comments on the last post! 
You guys are the best.  I will be
here with surprises for VISUAL MONDAY and with my hunt for summer trends at
I picked up these shoes brand new at Goodwill SA a couple of years ago for $1.99!
Necklace from a local consignment shop!
Have a fabulous weekend until

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