Summer Trend Savings…Of Course at Goodwill!

Trends…I know from reading other blogs, some of you like
following trends, some of you hate it, and some you just like to use those
guidelines from season to season as a way to update your wardrobe.  Where ever you fall in those groups, one thing
is for sure, you do not have to spend a lot of money to follow trends from
season to season.  With a few fashion
magazines, some time for shopping fun, and Goodwill, you have all that is
needed to follow the trends!
Among the popular trends for this season, magazines have
featured lots and lots of bright colors; tuxedo jackets with black and white
foundations; polka dots; and colored denim including red, cobalt blue, and lime
green.  These were the trends on my list
as I headed out to Goodwill, and I found everything!  This is a fun treasure hunt I look forward to
and I am always amazed at the money I can save!
I think Not!!  In fact, the studded flats I purchased at Goodwill were brand new, so comfortable and I wear them

See what you think….how did I do?  Are you keeping up with the trends this
summer?  If not…. (for lack of funds)… you
might try Goodwill!!
Tuxedo Jacket, Liz Claiborne Blouse, studded flats found at the
Highway 281@Bitters location
Other photos taken at the Hwy 410@ Blanco location

Have a wonderful Monday!  And don’t forget to go visit the wonderful bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!!


  1. good for you on finding such wonderful buys…not only saving money but you are right, they are on trend right now. you are looking gorgeous…your hard work on your diet/lifestyle changes is paying off (not that you weren't gorgeous before!) but i can see that you are losing weight.

  2. Hi Pam!

    I was catching up with your posts!
    I am happy that you are doing well with your new ways of eating, not easy! I am off the wagon sometimes as well especially the weekends!
    The idea is not to get overly anxious when off the wagon, just go back on healthy food i guess we need some junk once a while :))
    You are looking good!
    I get all my trends at thrift shops' everything comes back anyway!

    Take care

    Ariane xxxxx

  3. Pam, what a GREAT POST! So much color and fun! I love it! And you are STEALING amazing clothes from your little clothing hideaway (Goodwill). 🙂 My neighbor has been buying adorable clothes from Goodwill recently. It is incredible what you can find there. Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. I love your bargains–and your style! I love my local Goodwill and can always find something incredible for just a few dollars. Since I sew, I also have the option of being able to refashion from larger sizes or redesign using pictures off my favorite shopping websites like you used for inspiration. If your readers haven't tried Goodwill, it will surprise you from the Goodwill of years past. They even have a 7 day return policy. It is my favorite pick-me-up spot on Fridays after a long hard work week. Don't forget to purge your closets and give back. Goodwill does good work for many people in your local community and it will feel good to give donated items a new life!

  5. I'd say you did very well shopping the trends at GW! I know that's where I found all my colored denim and I like the color on you, as well as the amazing lining on that black jacket.

  6. I'm totally with you in this one.I constantly thrift to update my wardrobe and I'm more succesful when I have a list.You scored some great finds esp the jacket.

  7. This reminds me of Reva! I love how you can secondhand a trend at Goodwill. I love your studly shoes and your scores. Looking good, Pam!

  8. You really have an eye for it! The ballet flats are so cute, and priceless at that price! Some time in the future when I get to visit the US I'll remember to go to Goodwill stores before I do anything else!

  9. I love the way you used the pictures from Instyle to illustrate your finds…Please send your local GW my way…Ours is way less in quality…Great Post!!

  10. you're talking my language sister! I do exactly the same thing. As I peruse a magazine or read an on line article i jot down things that interest me. Usually within a couple of weeks they are mine! It's wonderful therapy and the money saved goes to good use, like our ac pooping out yesterday and Thursday's forcast is 103. I really like the tuxedo jacket,what a pop of color on the lapel!

  11. you did a great job and i love how you showed what you got and showed the magazine
    i don't know what your goodwill does, but the one here is like going to a 90's time machine, no way i am buying anything in that place

  12. I've gotten some great things at the good will, though I haven't gone recently. These days I've been hitting up the resale and consignment stores and although the prices aren't quite as low they're still much lower than retail.

  13. You did great! I had so much fun running around Nashville GoodWills with Megan during our recent blogger meetup. But our local GoodWills aren't nearly as yielding of hot items 😛

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